Saturday, October 27, 2012

Getting out and about

I decided Mom needed to get out and about today even though I was actually quite comfortable snoozing on the bed with her (YES - I saw Dweeb#1 using the foot stool to jump up on the bed and figured out I could do it too).

Then Dad said the magic word - PARK!  What we didn't know was we  were being conned, buttered up and dooped even! Before we went out Dad said we had to look pretty - okay I can handle a brushing I thought - NO WAY - we ALL ended up getting baths - can you believe that!!!  The indignity of it!

So after suffering through the water torture and getting dried off we headed to the park.  It was another beautiful day although much colder  (only 58 degrees) which made it totally perfect for a walk in the park for us. It seemed to me to be a pretty short walk and Dad kept looking at his watch - then he said "Come on boys - we have a appointment at the V.E.T.S   What the dog!!!!!!!!  We suffered the tortures of a bath only to end up at the vets!!!

I had to have my monthly allergy shot which I don't really mind as it helps my itchy scratchies and we found when he was having a bath that Dweeb#2 (Denny) had very sore and extremely red back feet this morning. Mr Vet think he has some sort of contact allergy so he got an allergy shot too and also had a cortisone shot his his knee which he is still limping on.

Fellow furbies - take note.  When ever the Moms and Dads do something wonderful for you - seems to me there is ALWAYS a price to pay! Personally I think ALL baths and vets visits should be banned and only visits to the parks and pet stores should be allowed!


  1. Oh Guys, you know it's good for you, so quit the wining, besides, the bath make you look handsome. Hope Mom is still getting better!

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  2. Those parents are pretty sneaky! Have to say you look good though! Glad you at least got to go to the park a little bit...and hope your Mom is feeling better today!

  3. Yes, but wasn't the shot worth the trip to the park. That looks like a really cool place to walk. Hope you had lots of fun.

  4. We're with you. Can't believe you had to be tortured before you could just have a nice time in the park!

    Should be a law about it....

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Sam totally agrees - where can he sign the petition?


  6. Well you two do look fabulous after the bath and brushing! :)

  7. Here-here!! I'll join your campaign!

    No Baths-No Vets!!

  8. Bummer about the bath & the shots, but it sure looks like it was a beautiful day at the park!

  9. I was thinking, "Why would you get a bath BEFORE the park." Now it all makes sense. Crazy sense however. At least you got to go to the park.

  10. A lesson to be learned! Hope your momma is feeling better and hope you get to e park ONLY tomorrow!

  11. It is all worth it. You guys look stunning and your white fur really pops!
    Mom tricks me sometime and says "Dinner" and then I run in from the yard and only get a little treat. Now… don't get me wrong. I like treats too… but dinner is my favorite.

  12. LOL, Im sure my dogs agree. They hate baths. If they think anyone is getting a bath, everyone runs out the doogie door.

  13. If vet visits were banned then what'll happen if you guys get sick? You know we care for you a lot that your health is one of our utmost priority. ^^

    Huggies and Cheese,

  14. Both of you are luckier; at least you got to go to the park after the bath and brush. I was rushed home right after the bath and brush session yesterday; no park, no walkies!!!

    I'm still sulky and upset!


  15. At least your day ended with a beautiful day at the park! That's worth something.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. We will second the feeling about baths, but we actually like going to the vet. Tails wag when ever we go.

    Dog Speed

    Essex & Sherman

  17. At least you got to go to the park. Hope the shots help with the allergics.

  18. Oh boy! You guys were dooped for sure! Well, at least you got to go to the park before the dreaded V.E.T.!

  19. Hi, my sheltie brother and sister hate getting groomed too. Baths, brushing, yuk. Then we come home all pretty and stuff, and then we play and look all normal again.

  20. Yes, we agree!! Where do we sign? No Baths, No Vets...just Parks and Treats!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  21. Howdy Mates, long time no see. We're sorry to read your mum has been ill. We have paws crossed she will soon be better. We love walks too but don't like baths. Why do they insist on it? Take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory


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