Monday, October 29, 2012

What the DOG?????

Do you have a den?  I do, it is Mom and Dad's walk in closet. I LOVE being in there, it is dark and cosy and has all the smells of my Mom and Dad - it is my safe place and when ever I want some 'alone' time or want to 'disappear' - that is where you will find me. I even get to use Dad's sneakers as a pillow - sigh.  Well last night I was in MY den enjoying some alone time when Mom came looking for me - and she was NOT happy when she saw me.  See MY den is where I go to hide when I want to scratch at my itchies - where Mom can't see me and tell me off for scratching at them.

When she saw me she got soooooo upset - see I had not only been scratching at my side but gnawing at it with my teeth and it was all bleeding and covered in sores and was the deepest darkest red Mom had ever seen.  (This photo was taken this morning and the deep redness had subsided quite a lot). Mom quickly went into Nurse Mom mode grabbing gauze and saline wash and cleaned it all as much as could and then she did something so humiliating I can barely even talk about it.

Mom got one of Dads t-shirts and wrapped me up in - making me look like a weird wuzzy dog wearing a ghost outfit or something!!!! She said I couldn't be trusted not to keep gnawing it and she had to do something to protect me until she get me to the vets.  The VETS - what the dog - I was just there on Saturday and she is taking me back there again!

The shame of it .......I told Mom there was NO WAY she could embarrass me by putting these photos online but she isn't very happy with me at the moment and the WORST of it - she has banned me from MY den - saying I can't be trusted in there alone for the time being......BUT BUT BUT it's MY den - my safe place - I NEED MY DEN. Mom can a be one tough cookie when she sets her mind to it though and then she said something that really sent shivers down my back - she said I might even have to wear a "cone of shame" for a few days because of this!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will give up update after we have been to the vets.


  1. NOT THE CONE OF SHAME!! Hope you stop scratching for a little bit, I know it's so hard!

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that the nasty itchiness troubled you again. Please please please don't scratch or gnawl at those itchy spots; they won't help but get you into bigger trouble.

    I hope the vets can have some good solutions for you.

    Be good and listen to your mom, okay?

  3. UH OH I hope the vet can help you with that. Those itchys are so hard to ignore.......


  4. Oh no! I hope your scratches go away because they are awful to look at and very, very uncomfortable. I can understand why you'd like to be in the den ALONE so hurry up and get better so you can go back and rest in your safe place!

  5. It's hard not to scratch those nasty itchies! Totally not your fault at all! You do look awesome in your dad's shirt though...

    Sam and Pippen

  6. Oh no! We hope you manage to get out of this white thing as soon as possible! But let it be a lesson, and STOP SCRATCHING!!!
    Lots of love from Indigo and Malach.

  7. Reilly, you look better in that t-shirt than you would with big bald patches all over you. We're so sorry you have such terrible ichies!

    Our mom's pawrents used to have a shelty named Princess. Mom's step mom was totally firghtened of storms and so was Princess; so they would BOTH hide in the big walk-in closet together! BOL!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  8. That shirt looks pretty good on you! I bet you'd look good in blue, I'd demand more color next time! :)

  9. Not the CONE!! Don't scratch, don't do it! I know it can be hard but it is for the best and then you will get your den back sooner.

  10. My first sheltie had to wear a t-shirt for several months. After a few weeks, he actually started to like it, and would ask for it to be put on.

    Reilly looks very handsome in his t-shirt.

  11. Oh dear... Maybe you could pretend it's a costume?

    Hope your itchies feel better soon!


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