Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Too Wonderful Wednesday

 Yeah - you can tell Mom is bored - two posts in one day!  We TRIED keeping her in bed - we really did but she kept looking out at the sunshine and said it was "calling to her". It is a stunning clear blue sky day and a lovely 85 degrees but even Dweeb's #1 weight wasn't a match for her determination to be outside for a bit.

We said she could only go outside is she rested in her outdoor recliner and Dweeb #1 took his job very seriously and sat on her legs again making sure she didn't move - that was UNTIL her saw a doggie on the other side of our fence and he was off to tell it to keep away his MY garden.  Then Mom started mumbling about the plants needed watering and the veggies needed checking and she was off.  Mom LOVES her plants and she said she couldn't stand to see them wilting. 

She went first and checked the veggie garden and can you believe it - here it is nearly the end of October and we have all these wonderful fresh tomatoes, peppers and parsley. There was even a couple of apple cucumbers but Mom couldn't reach them.  (Mom grows the peppers for dad cause he loves them even though she's allergic to them) Mom's favorite are those little yellow cherry tomatoes as they are low acid and don't hurt her mouth like the red ones do.

Next we went to check on MY tree. This is the one Mom and Dad bought just for me so I would have a shady spot in my garden.  It has grown a good three feet and filled out quite a bit this year and look at the beautiful color - you can see why it is called and October Blush maple - it is October and it is blushing!

After that we "dragged" mom inside so she could get some lunch. Getting her to eat is a lot like keeping her rested - near impossible. She couldn't resist having a cheese and tomato sandwich though with those yummy fresh picked tomato on it.  Okay- we admit it - we did taste half of it for her - had to make sure it was safe from any lurgies - but she ate the other half so that good.

Tomorrow we will share some pics of all the pretty flowers still blooming in the garden - but first Mom needs a nap and we have closed the blinds so the sunshine can't call to her anymore.  We are thinking of Goose with all that snow you had - hey maybe we should swap places - we LOVE the snow and cold and you can have the warm sunny days.


  1. Guys, you are really doing a great job with Mom. Still getting tomatoes Hey!, looks good. Now you make sure Mom rests the rest of the day.

    Your Spooky Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  2. I have snow and ya all are stick picking veggies? But I think your mom needs to stay down and rest. I think you guys can handle "watering" the plants. In fact I know you can.

  3. We love your tree! It's just right... not too big and not too small. Pretty color too.

  4. Some fresh air and sunshine couldn't hurt. The tomatoes looked lovely.

  5. Keeping humans quiet and difficult work. You guys are doing a great job.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. I'm sure the sunshine lifted your mom's spirits! Lucky you to still have fresh veggies in your garden.

  7. Look at those yummy veges that you still have growing in your garden!
    Tell your mom to go easy, Reilly. We don't want her overdoin' it!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Those veggies, look so yummy!! Keep taking care of mom!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  9. Your Momma really does need to rest. I hope she didn't overdo it! It sounds like it was such a beautiful day there and the veggies you are still getting are amazing. Your tree is so vibrant and beautiful. I'm sure your Momma enjoyed getting some fresh air! :)

  10. Sounds like a beautiful day - glad your mom got outside but she needs to be careful!

  11. I love fresh veggies; they look so fresh and beautiful.

  12. That's just wonderful how you're still harvesting stuff this late! Maybe you'll have another mild winter?!


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