Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back to the lake and bald eagles

Yay!!!! we went back to the lake today (the one where they killed off all the fish) It's not as pretty as it is in spring and summer but there are still so many good smells and yes, even a dead dried up fish or two which for some reason the dad would not let me anywhere near and he tugged me away REAL quick when we came to a pile of horse poop!!! It was quite chilly and mom and dad were all rugged up in their coats but me I was just lovin it. I ran, I sniffed, I ran some more and sniffed some more all the time trying to get the dad to move faster so we could get to the next smell. Then mom spotted something up the trees. It just looked like two old birds to me....but both mom and dad got quite excited because they said they were bald eagles. They didn't look at all bald, in fact they had feathers all over them.....the logic of humans is very odd. Anyway, they made me slow right down which I didn't actually mind as it gave me longer to check out each smell. Of coarse mom has that camera thing but she only took a couple of pics of me and seemed more interested in those birds. Here I am above first checking out how close I could get to the water without getting my feet wet and the second one I am checking out where someone had had a fire. It smelled very good to me, in fact it reminded me of my charcoal cookies. Dad pulled me away before I could taste some to see if was like my cookies. And of coarse here is the photo mom took of the eagles. Dad was most surprised at how close they let us get, in fact we were right under the tree they were perched in. Dad said the only other time he has been close to wild bald eagles was when he was in Alaska, but he still hadn't got this close. Mom pondered over whether there was any fish still left in the lake, but then she saw some swimming near the shore, so she was happy that they have plenty of food. And remember if you click on the pictures you can see them big size. I am so happy today that I got to go for a nice long walk - but I won't mention (yes I will !!!) how funny the mom and dad looked, their noses and cheeks were bright red.....they should really consider growing some fur! Mom had to laugh at the dad though, he said he needed a baklava to keep his face warm - mom pointed out that baklava is a greek dessert and what he really wanted was a Balaclava. I don't know, a sticky sweet dessert all over dad's face would be lot of fun for me to lick off!!!! Hope you all had a great weekend - Woofitty Woofs


  1. Ooo a cool smelly fish! that would be so fun to roll around in! I will come and show you how to do that... but maybe you already know! You have big fuzzy fur that would hold the smell really good! :)

    The Mum says those birds are really cool in the tree and she wishes she would see some. I'd chase 'em!

  2. Hi Reilly! My mom and dad would've loved to have been there to see those beautiful bald eagles!! How cool! Glad you got to go out for a walk and smell lots of smells!

  3. ooooh my! What BEAUTIFUL pictures! The bald eagles are magnificant! I wonder if the one on the right is male and the other female? Or maybe juvenile (the smaller one)? What a great shot your Mom got!

  4. wow! The eagles look so regal.

    Dead fish... I bet the smell is intoxicating.

  5. Those eagles are pawsome. Are there any turkeys out their? Dog dad claims there is, but we think he is messing with us.

    Essex & Deacon


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