Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bbbbbrrrrr it's cold

It is cold and I am lovin it!. We even had a few snowflakes last night and are expecting some more tonight. I have been spending a lot of time outside just enjoying it. Of coarse when it get colds, that means we also head down to my 'play room' to do my agility training and also I do my miles on the treadmill. So I thought I would share some pics of my 'play room'. Mom has made all my agility things, the jumps, a hoop, a tunnel, my weaves poles and a chute. Over in the far corner near the window is where mom does all her painting. As you can see, we have a huge basement and this only shows half of it!!!! Mom and I will be spending a lot of time down there (down being in the basement) this afternoon as dad will be watching his foozeball team and we ALL know how scary that is. Hmmm maybe it won't be a good idea to be down there as we will be underneath where he will be jumping up and down yelling at the bad umpires !!!!!! Personally, I don't understand why the umpires are bad (they are black and white like me after all) but dad calls them a lot of bad names and seems to think they are not very smart. His team is playing only three hours away from us and he had looked at getting tickets to go to the actual game, but now he is glad he didn't as it only 36 degrees today. Well I had better go and see what the mom is up to. Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. OOOOHHHH, good idea making a play room in the basement! It's cold here too and I was just talking to Katie about how we hadn't gone to the park very often to do her homework and we were both going to feel pretty embarrassed next Wed at school! How did you learn to walk on the treadmill without being scared?

  2. Ooo what a fun room! I wish we had a room that big for winter stuff. I love the cold too and can go out and play and play for hours!


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