Saturday, November 29, 2008

A visitor in my yard

Mom was just about to open the door and let me out when she saw this guy sitting on the fence. She says sorry they are not very good photo's but if she had opened the door he would of flew off. He had caught himself a sparrow and was happily eating it. Last year we saw a lot of them around but this is the first one we have seen this year. My dad is home today so I am soooo happy. He was away in North Carolina all week and it was just me and the mom at home. I took good care of her though and she took good care of me.


  1. We have had one of these guys fly fast through out trees near the bird feeder. Haven't seen him catch anything yet, though I'm sure he has! Good job Reilly, not barking at him and scaring him away before the Mom got her picture. You know how Mom is about her camera! :)

  2. That is a pawsome hawk picture. I need to get Dad to take a picture of the Ospry at Angel Paws one of these days.

    Essex & Deacon

  3. Glad to hear your Dad's home for the weekend. Enjoy your time together.
    The photos aren't so bad :) Not sure we'd want to see the big guy munch away on the little sparrow close up, haha.

  4. Hi Reilly. Thats some bird - I would try to herd it. I read some more of your blog. My mom went to that Penn State place.. I have a lot of hair too, I like it cold outside just like you do. i will visit again.

  5. Wow! A real hawk. The only 'wildlife' picture my pa{w}rents took was this little yellow butterfly that was dancing around their flowers.

  6. We get lots of hawks in our backyard - they love to prey on the birds at our feeder - part of nature but we don't enjoy seeing the birds attacked and eaten!


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