Tuesday, November 4, 2008

White Collies and Update on Mom

Dawn and Katie mentioned they had seen a white collie that looked like me at their weekly class and yes... there are actually quite a lot of them around and they tend to have their black patches in the same place I do. The coloring is caused by the same recessive gene that caused me to have a white coat. I must say, this is one very handsome dude!!! People are ALWAYS mistaking me for either a border collie or a collie as I am quite a big sheltie - which whites tends to be for some reason.

Update on the mom - she is having good days and bad days. On the good days she does too much which causes the next day to be a bad day.......I keep telling her not to do that but the mom is rather stubborn. We did go to the leash free dog park on the weekend and it was so great, we were the only ones there and mom and dad just walked really slowly so I got a whole weeks worth of sniffing done. Mom tries to take me for a small walk each day, even if its only a trip to the pet store as she worries about me getting bored. Playing is really tough on her as she can't bend to pick up my toys....she ouchies when she forgets and tries to do that. Overall though, she says it is slowly getting better.


  1. Great picture Reilly! Yes he's pretty, but you are just so much more cute! Glad your Mom is feeling a little better!

  2. G'day Reilly

    How about you pick the toys up for mum! ;-)



  3. Well, glad to know your mom is doing a little better! Hopefully she will soon be fully recovered!

  4. Just wait until it starts to snow and you won't be able to see yourself!

    licks & slobbers

  5. Glad to hear the Mom is feeling a bit better. The Ma isn't doing too well either. The people-doctor told her that she has a trapped nerve in her neck...She goes 'ouch' all the time :( We haven't been out walking much this week... the weather was awful. Have a great weekend, hugs Josh and Jess

  6. The Mum here says she wants to get a white collie to come and live with us. You whites are pretty! And your heads and body spots can be tri, or blue, or sable!

    The Mum says, though, that sometimes it's dangerous to get white shelties and aussies because they can be deaf and blind, both at the same time! that is so sad. We love them too but we'd like if they could see and hear. Sometimes collies get that too but they are called double dilutes and come when the Mum and the Dad are both blue merle. Oooo.


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