Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dad Nittany Lioned Me!!!!

The dad came home today with a present for me.....he got me me my own Nittany Lion (Penn State) T-Shirt - and #1 - which of coarse I am :) Dad forgot to take into account how much fur I have, so it is a little tight but I still look pretty good in it. Of coarse this doesn't mean I am going to start liking that foozeball thing.....I still get so scared when dad is watching it. And the Nittany Lion is a cat and I am not to sure I like cats. Dad also got the mom the cutest "I love my sheltie" thing for hanging in the car window. It is very cool and mom will take a photo of it tomorrow. Hmmmm I wonder if any of the monsters around my house will chew on this T-Shirt?? Dad would probably be very very annoyed if they did.


  1. You look quite handsome in your Nittany Lions shirt, Reilly! I do hope the t-shirt monster doesn't find it!

  2. G'day Reilly

    I hope the monster doesn't get that shirt!



  3. Hey Reilly, at Katie's advanced obedience class there is a collie who looks almost exactly like you only he's about 10 times bigger. He has a colored head, white body and a big black spot on his side and at the base of his tail. His owner knows about your type of sheltie. I wonder if there is a collie breed similar to you!? Or maybe he just turned out this color?

  4. Hey Reilly, How is your mom? Are her broken ribs healing and is she feeling better?


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