Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mom's and cameras

The mom has been snapping pics again and this is one she took and then removed the background from. The mom thinks I look sad, the dad thinks my nose looks to long and me - well I just wish she wouldn't keep pointing that thing at me. What I don't understand is why I have to try and stay still while she takes a pic when the only thing I want to do is run and play. She says photographs are memories and she wants to have lots of memories of me, so I guess it is okay.

Today I went over to visit my buddy Franklin, he lives two houses away. He is a corgi and rather old. His mom is not too sure just how old as he was a rescue dog and had been badly treated. Someone had kicked him and broken his jaw and it had not healed properly so it is rather protruding (I think that is what the mom called it). He has the best of forever homes now and so loved by his mom and is such a great old pup. My mom and dad love me too and I am so happy to have a forever home with them......so I am sending out doggie blessings to all the pupsters young and old in need of forever homes and I will keep my paws crossed for you that you will have a wonderful moms and dads soon and no one will ever hurt you, just love you.


  1. There can never be enough photo's! :-)



  2. Haha, tell me about it! The Ma just keeps taking pictures, it can get real annoying sometimes!!!

    Hugs, Josh

  3. But you're so CUTE! Photogenic doggies should be happy to pose...love the fact I can see your eyes in this photo!


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