Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Anti Word Verification Unit

I have decided to set up a campaign for "Anti Word Verification". It drives me and the mom crazy!!!! We end up having to enter those stupid letter 2 or 3 times. Why can't they use easy to read fonts, why put two "V"s right next to each other so they look like "W"s or "i"s that look like "L"s. It's enough to drive a dog to wanting to go to the vets willingly!!!!! I's supposed to stop from getting spammed but it so darn frustrating especially when you loose all the stuff you just typed in as well!!! And then you have to retype it and hope you get the letters right next time!!!!!


  1. G'day Reilly

    I know what you are saying .. sometimes it can be really messy .. and it doesn't help when my paws are bigger than the keys!

    I now usually copy what I have typed before posting a comment, so that way if it stuffs up, I can just paste it back in again.

    I tried to make my anti-spam a little more user friendly.



  2. I agree!!! Katie hates it too...because she hates anything I hate!:)

  3. I just turned mine off Reilly, just for you! I hate them too. But they do help fight the spamminess!


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