Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Frissee

I took the mom to Petco today...I know she likes to look at all the neat stuff there and I must admit I quite like going there myself. Our reason for going today was to get a new Soft Bite Frisbee. I love my old one, but all the color has faded and its hard for the mom to find in the long grass (on the rare occasions I don't bring it back). The mom had bought me one of those hard plastic ones to try the other day but I didn't like that at all and just refused to pick it up, so we went back to the soft bite. The bad thing about our visit today to Petco wasn't I couldn't have any treats and dog oh dog did I protest loudly about that. I have spent a long time training the staff to give me a treat when I woof at them......and I was woofing my hardest. I ALWAYS get treats at Petco and Petsmart but the mom said no....not allowed on my new diet. Moms can be a real pain sometimes even though she says it the best thing for me......hmmmmmffffff I think a nice treat would of been the best thing for me!!! Anyway, here I am in action with my new frisbee. We didn't play to long though as as it soooooo windy today and every time the mom would throw the frisbee it was like a boomarang and would come flying straight back at her.


  1. No treats, huh? Boy, that sucks big time!!

    We have a hard frisbee at home too but we haven't been out with it. We'll keep the soft bite one in mind just in case we don't like ours, either.

  2. I don't have a frisbee ... what do they taste like! ;-)



  3. I never can catch frisbees, way to go Reilly!


  4. oh, this is so cool! Katie got a gift from the UPS man today, from her Uncle Paul who sent HER a soft bite frisbee! She had so much fun with it today, I should do a blog on it. I don't have as good pictures though, as she's a big blur in my pictures! And she hasn't quite figured out how to catch it, but then today's the first day and we aren't that good at throwing it yet either! Katie's is pink in the middle and lime green around the edge.

  5. I have a soft frisbee, too, Reilly. But why do you bring it back most of the time? I chase after mine and then leave it where ever it lands and then mom fetches it for me!

  6. Weee! I don't know why you chase the frisbee. My brother Chase chases frisbees too. I don't.. but I chase Chase, and I'd chase you!

    Man talking about Chase is hard.


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