Monday, October 27, 2008

Update on the mom

The mom seems to be in more pain the last couple of days then the previous few days. I think she is doing to much and she HATES sitting still which isn't a good thing when she is meant to rest. She is worrying about me too.....the tissue monster visited and left shredded tissues on the carpet, and then a sock monster visited too, it found some of dad's sock and had fun playing with those. For some reason mom thinks the tissue and sock monster are the same and they are called Reilly - just like me!!! How weird is that?????? Anyway, mom thinks the monsters are a bit bored so even though she isn't meant too, the mom and I went for a walk this morning in the hope the monsters would follow. It was very very cold and the mom had some trouble catching her breath so we had to go soooooo slow, but I enjoyed the extra long sniffing. This afternoon I have been snoozing by mom's feet, where ever she goes I go. I know she isn't feeling to good, and having me close by makes her feel better. Tomorrow we are expecting a snap freeze in the morning.....I guess winter is really heading our way. Hope you all had good weekends.


  1. Oh Reilly, I know you're bored, but please tell the tissue monster (for sure) and maybe the sock monster to find someone else to pick on right now while the Mom is feeling so poorly. Keep her feet warm too, that will help, but don't trip her up when she's walking! I'm laughing out loud about the monsters having your same name...Katie claims there are monsters here that aren't related to her too. Silly girl. Hope the Mom gets better real soon.

  2. Sorry that your mom still isn't better - you need to be extra patient and help her to not do too much so she can recover! Being in pain sure isn't fun. Tell her we are thinking about her and wishing a speedy recovery!


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