Thursday, October 16, 2008

DUCK - it's a duck

I decided to take the mom to Petsmart today, just for a change of scenery. I got to woof at the parrots and guinea pigs and got LOTS of pats and loving. I wasn't happy about not getting my usual treats but everyone was saying how much bouncier and happier I am, so I guess no more treats for awhile is okay. After Petsmart mom decided the sunshine was just so nice that we would go over to the off leash park. Not a lot of people know it is there so we hardly ever see anyone else. It is so nice as there is a lake and tall grasses and a nice wide path for the mom to walk on. We had walked right around the fence line when we decided to walk along the lake edge. I was busy sniffing when all of a sudden the bushes stated rattling and there was this loud quacking noise, then woosh - this THING flew out of the bushes right at me. Dog of dog it scared 10 years out of just missed my head than flapped off quaking the whole way. The mom said it was a duck but all's I know is that if I hadn't of ducked that duck would have been spattered all over my head. Of coarse when I had recovered my senses I chased after it.....telling it off very loudly in my big dog voice. When we got home I went outside to rest in the sun a little when I got another scare.....the tornado sirens went off. They were only testing them but for the first time ever I had an OVER WHELMING urge to HOWL. I had never done that before and the mom came running thinking something was wrong .......then she laughed because she said it was very odd sounding howl. I guess she didn't want me to howl anymore because she grabbed the frisbee and we played until it stopped.


  1. I bet it was a feather from that duck that attacked Stan! It's a poulty revolution I tell ya!



  2. Katie can just imagine what a start that duck gave you! She gets all in a dither over FROGS that jump out in front of her and into the park's pond! But she's got you beat on howling. She turns her nose up and howls when she's outside and wants to come inside and she thinks we aren't paying enough attention, or aren't prompt enough in our response to her initial barking requests!

  3. Ooo how scary! i bet you have a pretty howl. My brother Levi has a very pretty howling voice. Muffit's is silly. Mine is pretty too, but I don't do it much and usually only when I get really excited AND I'm alone. It makes me shy but the Mum likes it when I howl!


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