Sunday, October 5, 2008

Schram Park

We went on a visit to Schram Park today which is not only a neat park full of walking trails but it is also a fishery. They have some huge ponds that full of equally huge fish. In one pond there was some really pretty koi that were almost two feet long. Mom didn't let me get too close as she said they looked awfully hungry. I did get to bark at the geese that were also swimming on the ponds though and that was fun. There is also an aquarium there were you can see the fish up close. I stayed outside with the dad while the mom went inside but I was not happy about it and kept going over to the door and barking. When the mom came back we walked around the gardens for a little and they had these nice low benches which were just perfect for me to lay on. There was a nice family having a picnic at the park and they said I was a beautiful border collie - Dad quite quickly corrected them on that....but I guess I can't complain as at least they didn't call me a pretty girl!!!!!

In other news - Mom and I are off to the Dr Boyer again tomorrow....I am feeling just great, full of energy, still eating fine, drinking plenty etc, but still doing the jelly poop thing. Dr Boyer contacted the head vet at Texas University to discuss what could be causing it......and he has suggested some better tests as he thinks its some sort of irritation to the large bowel. Dr Boyer is so great, she did all this research and phoning around on her day off because she is worried about me. If nothing shows up on the new tests, we are going to try a food elimination process to see if it is something I am eating that is causing the problem. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Woofitty woof


  1. G'day Reilly

    You look very comfortable sitting on the bench. I hope Dr. Boyer can find a solution soon.



  2. Ah Reilly, you handsome devil, hope all the tests figure out what's up. I know your Mom is probably worried, even though you DO feel good! The park bench looks perfect for you!

  3. Hey, Reilly! Sounds like you had a great weekend - we had been wondering what you've been up to. Sorry to hear that you're still having the "jelly poop". I sure hope Dr. Boyer figures out what is going on. Good luck today!


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