Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visiting Franklin

Every couple of days we go over and visit Franklin the corgi. His mom is a wonderful elderly lady who had been battling a brain tumor. We are very pleased to say the prognosis is very good and she is slowly regaining her strength. Franklin was a rescue dog who is around 9-10 years of age. He was found just sitting and waiting on the side of the highway. Sadly, he had been very badly mistreated and some cruel and inhuman human had kicked him in the jaw and broken it. He had never received treatment for it and although it healed it very out of shape. He manages to eat and chew bones just fine though and it doesn't seem to bother him. He really is the sweetest dog and rarely ever barks - which makes it hard to understand why someone could do what they did to him. He has been living in his new forever home now for two years and he "the baby" adored and loved like all we furbies should be. The mom remembered the camera today so we got a photo of Franklin, it's not a great photo as he doesn't know about mom's and cameras and that you are supposed to sit still and look cute. he could smell the cookies that mom had in pocket and was more interested in those. Franklin also doesn't know how to play, which is rather sad and I wish he did, it would be fun to play chase with him. But he is my little buddy and it's okay if we just sit together or have a chew bone together.


  1. ooo Franklin is a very handsome boy! I have never met a corgi in person, but I bet I could get him to play! I love to play! We three could play!

    I'm glad his Mum is doing better too!

  2. G'day

    Sorry I haven't been around for while ... things have been a bit rough at my place ..

    Maybe you need to teach Franklin how the camera works! ;-)



  3. Good job Reilly, visiting with Franklin and his Mom, I bet he really likes your visits. It's a good thing he finally has some people (and doggie friends!) that appreciate him!

  4. Corgi's are cute! Sad to hear about Franklin's ordeal... so glad that his condition is so much better now.


  5. Oh Reilly, I'm so glad you and Franklin are buddies. He needs a friend like you!!! Take good care of him please.

    Josh and Jess

  6. Bree & Reilly, thanks for the kind words on my blog. Yes it's always hard to loose parents, and it sounds like you had a very difficult time too. Thanks for sharing, keep the good memories close, try to let the bad ones slip away. Good advice. At least we have puppies to love us unconditionally! :)

  7. :( What a sad thing to happen to Franklin. I glad he has a good home now, and you as a lovely friend.

    ~Lickies, Ludo


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