Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mom has the camera out again

Mom had been waiting to take photo's so she could show my winter coat but she decided to take some pics anyway. I am just loving this cold weather sooooo much but I am driving the mom crazy wanting to go outside and then wanting inside and then wanting outside. She really wishes we had a doggy door but unfortunately out back door faces exactly the direction the cold winds blow from. Today she rugged up in her coat and gloves and braved the 36 degree weather to take me for a walk. For some reason the mom didn't seem to appreciate me wanting to stop at EVERY single lamp post and sign we came across. But she was good and waited while I had a good sniff at each one. I must admit I am not understanding why we are not going to the park so much when it is so nice and cold. Maybe the mom needs to grow fur like me because I am just so toasty warm. We do our agility work and I go on my tread mill a couple of times a day and we play a lot but I just seem to have so much energy lately. Mom wishes there was a farmer around here who had some sheep so I could learn to do some herding, she says that would use up lots of my energy. I am not really sure what these sheep things are but if I can run after them, then it sound a good thing to do. Mom thought it was funny the other day, she was watching the movie "Babe" and there was sheep barring on it and I liked the sound so much I kept running over to the TV and listening to it intently. Mom says it's a natural instinct.....what ever that is. I just know it sound interesting and almost familiar in a way. I wonder if any of my buddies have ever been sheep herding?


  1. No sheep herding skills here in Michigan...though I think she would. She does like it when I put animal planet on TV and she can bark at whatever is moving fast there! And she likes to ask to go out a LOT and then sits down and just looks around. Since we don't have a fenced yard that means Mom is out there just looking around too. Brrrrr!

  2. Wow, such a thick gorgeous coat. Love it!


  3. Reilly - I love the cold weather too! And I don't understand why I have to stay inside so much these days either! Mom keeps complaining about how cold it is out there.

    I tried herding once and it was great! I hope to get to go again some day. You can see a little of my herding experience on my YouYube channel.

  4. 36 degrees sounds kinda cold... brrh! Your winter coat looks stunning, Reilly! We've started shedding now because summer is almost upon us and it gets up to 20 Celsius now on good days.
    Take care, Josh and Jess

  5. Reilly you are so handsome in that piccure.

  6. You do have such a think cozy fuzzy coat! Mine is pink, and I don't grow it myself! The Mum had to buy it for me 'cause I have short fur and big ears!

    I have heard rumor of these sheep things too and the Mum says she's gonna have me see some sometime too. I'll take some pictures and let you know what they are like!

  7. I like the cold too. I was way too hot his summer. I tried sheep herding too, and I really liked it, but we have to drive all the way to Erie PA to do it, so we don't go too often


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