Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Bailey Report #1

Hello every furbody. I am Bailey - Reilly's little sister. I popped on a few weeks ago but didn't know much then - now I am learning so much that I wanted to share. A bit about me first - My Mom recently rescued me from a drab, dreary and dusty existence of a toy store. While I was there I didn't do anything - just sat and waited. But when I came to live with Mom and my big brother I suddenly became alive and wanted to investigate everything! I love having a family and Mom and big brother say I can now have my very own "report" to describe all the wonderful I am discovering. So lets begin.

Yesterday Mom showed me how to make REAL pasta. She told me that this is an Italian specialty and that is Italy is another country where my Dad lived for a few years. First step was to make dough. Next I patted it into a shape that would fit the pasta machine. Mom let me help pat it out - oops sorry about the paw print mom. Then in it went into the pasta machine.

We rolled it out 7 times - making it thinner each time we rolled it. I got very tired doing all that rolling! When it was finally thin enough, we then put it in the other side of the pasta machine to cut it into strips.

Next step was to "flour" the pasta strips so they didn't stick together. Flour is such fun to play with but it sure is messy - I had it everywhere - even in my fur! We then had to wait for half an hour while the pasta "rested". I don't know why it had to rest - I was the one doing all the work! I sat diligently watching it though and then it was time to cook it. You have to have a very BIG pot full of boiling water (Mom did this bit as she didn't want me to get burnt) Then plop plop plop - in goes the pasta and it cooks for just five minutes. Mom made some pasta sauce and added some chicken and the pasta was ready. We all got to try some and it was so yummy! Pasta making is messy but so much fun and it sure does taste great.



  1. I love your hat Bailey. What a busy day. Wish I could've had a taste!

  2. Hi Bailey, good to see you again. You did a great job putting your paws to work with that pasta. What time is dinner? We ALL love pasta of any kind, plain, with butter, with sauce, with cheese, any way at all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. I can't believe a beautiful Sheltie like you was from a pet store! Gosh, you have the prettiest coat (and feet!) I've ever seen on a Sheltie. You should be shown!!!

    Anyway, that pasta looks good. Bet you had a fun time helping out mom!

  4. Mom tells us that our nonna used to make homemade pasta but that was before our time. We bet your pasta tastes yummy, Bailey! You are a very neat cook! Good thing you didn't get any flour on your pretty furs or beautiful hat!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Such a good helper, Bailey! I bet the pasta turned out great!

  6. Bailey -- I was drawn here by your name, since it's the same as mine!

    I know all about pasta, since that's my non-furry sister's favorite food! I get to taste some whenever she has it!

    Woofs & hugs!

    ~Bailey :)

  7. Sounds yummy Bailey! I'll be right over!

  8. Hmmm, we think you need to learn how to make doggie biscuts.

  9. Love your hat, Bailey. You are one pretty Sheltie. Could you come to my place and make me some pasta, mmmhh good!!


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