Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have been TORTURED!

The sheer indignity of it - you all know I HATE water - but today Mom said I HAD to be brave and show everyone what I look like when wet. My dogness - how embarrassing ! And what about dog's privacy I ask? Then Mom pulled the old "'tug on the heart strings" ploy - "Come on Reilly - do it for me on Mother's Day" Ooohhhh Mom - how could you resort to such blatant bribery. I said "NO". Then she resorted to an even more heart pulling ploy "We'll take you to the PARK Reilly" I mean to say - how could I possibly refuse that offer. So yes! I submitted to the the most awful torture known to dog - a bath. Mom had purchased a new 'hot spot' shampoo to see if would help with my itching so now, not only am I clean, but I also smell of tea-tree oil and aloe!!!! I did get my walk though and it was an extra long one so I guess it made up for being tortured in such an undogly way. And guess what else ! I got to chase a squirrel ! I have never seen one before but I spotted it in the leaves and I was off. Mom said I tree'd it - what ever that means. I just know it was one fast little critter that zoomed right up the side of a tree where I couldn't reach it. The "IT" also came to the park with us (he always does actually) but today he was on a short lead as Dad says he needs to learns 'walking manners'. He likes to bark at peoples as they go by where as "I" being the good boy just ignore them unless of coarse they stop to admire me and give me a pat. Hope all the Mom's had a great day and aren't as mean as torturess as mine - did I mention the toe nail clipping, the blow drying and the brushing !!!!!!!


  1. Blow-drying AND nail clipping AND a bath?!? Oy. That's terrible! And I can't believe your Mom used the 'it's Mother's Day' guilt trip! *sheesh* The nerve! But you do look quite handsome....

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  2. Wow - you were one very good boy for your mom on Mother's Day!

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  4. Oh, poor,poor Reilly. What a good boy you are for your mom though.

    I guess getting to chase a squirrel was a good payoff for the torture.

  5. Sounds like maybe Mom thought she was actually pampering you and not torturing you, Reilly. We aren't crazy about baths either, but luckily that is one torture we don't have to endure too often.

    Mom tried yesterday to get something going with us and some water, but she says we just didn't cooperate. Maybe she will try again.

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. It is bad enough we have to bathe, it should be a picture free zone. You gave her a huge gift for Mom's Day.

    -Katy & Bailey

  7. Oh you poor thing. I think I would hate water too if it meant all that soap and cleany stuff. Vickie calls swiming in the lake a bath for me. That I can live with, that I love.......You should take up swimming.....then it wouldn't really be a bath, it would be an activity....

  8. Oh, I know exactly what "treeing" means because I have the word "treeing" in my breed name! Yep, I'm a treeing walker coonhound, fur sure, except that my parents won't take me out to the woods to scare raccoons! The injustice! At least you got to tree a squirrel, my furend! Treeing squirrels must be fun so please tell me what I'm missing sometime!
    By the way, I just heard about your "get wet" contest so I will be entering soon!

  9. That does sound like torture. I get the tea tree oil sometimes...super stinky! Oh well, your squirrely walk made up for it!


  10. Reilly was that you? We thought it was a puddle,errr poodle for a second.

    You have our sympathy.

    As for you Mom, Happy Mutter's Day.

    PS Stay away from us with that water and shampoo.

  11. OMD,We also got baths on Saturday! Well, actually Hootie got a full bath and I (BRD) got in the tub but mom was so tired after bathing Hoots that she just washed my face! Neither of us were dirty, but she said she didn't like the smell of our faces. Sheesh. NOW, YOU look soooo beautiful. Such a luxurious coat. At least you got added walksies for the torture!!
    BabyRD & Hootie

  12. OH you poor poor soul! I can't believe you were put through this torture. Sadly, millions of pets around the world go through this torture too. You're not alone.

    I think we're going to have our baths this week too. OH NO!!

  13. How embarrassing to have a picture of your wet self on your own blog, Reilly!
    We hope you nabbed that squirrel when he finally decided to come down out of the tree!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. Oh noooo! You look so miserable in the tub! I hope the park made up for it though, sounds like it did.

    (Don't tell Katie but she's going to the groomer this week)

  15. What a great Mother's Day present for your mom for being such a good boy!!!

    Having a long walk and being able to chase a squirrel sound fantastic, so glad that you had a good day after all.

    I just posted the bittersweet water post!

  16. Tucker and Beckett were tortured too. They went to the groomer while I mowed the lawn and set up our backyard agility equipment.

  17. Awwww Reilly ! You look SO WET! I never look THAT wet because of my short hair.
    You still look cute though (my human says that) ! Wish I could take you to the river and make you jump with me it's so much more fun than those soapy baths.

    Talk soon,

  18. Isn't this dog porn? Showing you nekkid in the tub? BOL


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