Monday, May 23, 2011

Mosquito's and Storms

How cool ! We found a trail that links my two favorite parks together! It is really nice to walk along and meanders through all these wonderful trees. It was such a nice morning for it until I kept hearing all this buzzing around my ears and started shaking my head in funny ways. Mom was a bit worried until she discovered it was just mosquito's - but she brushed them away from my face and that made me feel better. That is the one bad thing, with all the rain we have had and this being a rice growing area the mosquito's are REALLY bad this year. They were really going after Dad and he said he will have to remember the bug spray next time. Hope you had a safe weekend - it was so sad to see all the devastation the tornados have wreaked again this weekend and we are sending prayers to the peoples and pets of Joplin as well as other places. Mom is a bit worried as they are forcasting severe thunderstorms for our area over the next few days (we have already had three days of them - they hit every afternoon) and with it being so hot and humid it is perfect tornado spawning weather. Don't worry Mom I will protect you !



  1. Same here with the weather. We had a pretty wild storm overnight Saturday, but nothing yesterday. The tornado in Joplin has really rattled our Mom. Same forecast here for the next few days.

    Stay safe.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Stay safe! Finn hates buzzing and crawling buggies too. She thinks they are there for playtime, and they don't want to play back. Have a great Monday.

  3. Shoo shoo... mosquitoes!!! I never like them and we have a lot here!
    ~ Eva

  4. WE have been very very lucky here. We have had some mud slides and a lot of rain but that is all.

    We worry about you guys and hope you all stay safe.

    Bert and Vickie

  5. Stay safe!

    Maybe the storms will scare away the mosquitos?

  6. We are due for nasty thunder storms on Tuesday and we hate thunder. Hope everyone stays safe.

    -Bailey & Katy

  7. Ugh! I hate those buzzing blood sucking vampires too. They always go after us!

  8. Mosquitos AND thunderstorms??? UGH!! Hangin there Reilly!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  9. Looks like a great walk!! Sorry about the 'skiters!

    Puppy kisses,

  10. Mosquitoes are the PITS!! I think there might be doggie mosquitoes repellent, but I'm not sure. The trail looks wonderful! Wish we could walk on it with you guys!

  11. we love hiking! we may head up to Connecticut to Dental Student's brothers house and go hiking with Havi. You're lucky with all that green around!

  12. We have the same forecast here. I bet this will be a big year for mosquitoes all over with so much rain.

    Lovely walking trail!

  13. What a pretty trail, Reilly. Bummer about the mosquitos. Mitch Airesnaps them!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  14. We are so sad about the bad tornados. I hope that you guys just get regular storms and stay safe.


  15. Sorry about your crazy weather. Hope you get some relief from the storms and the bugs.



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