Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Can you believe it !!!

Mom & Dad went on vacation without me - they are back home now though and was I ever glad to see them!!!   I was left alone with the Dweebs and "IT'S Mom" - a fate worse then death in my opinion-- while they were away!

Seems like Dad hasn't seen his brother in 10 years and had a hankering to go see him and meet his niece who he also hasn't seen since she was just a puppy a few months old. She is now an old puppy of 12!  Why I couldn't go with them I don't know....I am Dad's puppy and surely his brother would want to meet me too?????

Anyway - they had to drive all the way to some place called TEXAS - to San Antonio. Because Mom can't sit for very long it took them 2 days to drive there.  May I point out that I would of been very happy in the car for two days. I hear they had lots of stops and I would surely enjoyed that and all the new smells!

Now Mom had some weird idea that TEXAS would be full of long horn cattle, oil wells and peoples wearing big hats and boots.  She can report that she didn't she ANY of that and was somewhat disappointed.  She can also report the traffic was TERRIBLE. Basically it was bumper to bumper all the way from Little Rock to San Antanio and it frazzled her nerves and upset her tummy greatly!  Now see is she had taken me - her THERAPY dog with her... I would have helped keep her calm but NOOOOOOOOO I got left at home!!!!!

On their way they stopped in Dallas to go have a look around University of Texas - it was all pretty quiet given it was vacation time but Mom was SUPER happy when they stumbled upon an English Pub that served English food. It was called the Dog & Duck Pub and Mom was able to get her beloved Sheperds Pie and Dad got Bangers and Mash.  Bangers are an English sausage - not all peppery like the American ones and he loved them.


  1. What were they thinking??????

    Hope they brought you home a special treat!

  2. Well it serves them right for hitting all that traffic. Likeyou said, if you had been along, it would have seemed like traveling among a flock of pretty birds.

    Oh heck, I dont' know what I mean. Sorry you didn't get to go that food looked scrumptious.

    Happy NEw Year

  3. Reilly, you will survive and we bet in the long run you do have fun, ever with the Dweeds there!

    Happy New Year Guys
    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  4. WOW! A vacation! Now Reilly, you know that your Mom and Dad haven't been able to go anywhere for a very long time...and maybe, just maybe, they need some alone time! And I'm sure they'll bring back some nifty presents for all of you when they come home!

  5. Some dog had to hold down the home front and who better than you. And I bet there will be some major making up for leavingyou behind.

  6. Hmmm, Dad used to take Essex & Deacon on long drives. Sherman has yet to experience one.

    Dad is surprised the traffic was bumper to bumper all the way. He could imagine Dallas, San Antonio and Little Rock bing that way, but there is plenty of open country in between.

    Thanks for thinking of us, be we've had the link for all things collie for several months.

    Hope you have a Barky New Year.

    Essex & Sherman

  7. A vacation without dogs, unheard of. Lol. I hope you get to go next time.

  8. Hi Reilly, I bet that your mom and dad thought of you pretty much every minute that they were away. Did you get a big treat when they got home?

  9. I am sorry you couldn't go. I hate when Mommy and Daddy go without me. That food looked really yummy, I hope you got some.

    Loveys Sasha

  10. Sorry you were left home alone.
    Wishing you all a Happy New Year.
    We hope 2013 is a good one for you and the year is filled with joy and fun.
    Best wishes Molly

  11. What were they thinking?! Hopefully, you'll get to go next time, Reilly.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  12. Can't believe they had the nerve to take off without you. These humans are something else
    Benny & Lily

  13. The last time mom and dad went somewhere without me they flew to a place called Arizona to see daddy's family. Mom said it was very stressful and they really should have taken me along because I could have helped with the stress part. That's really too bad they didn't see any longhorn cows. :(



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