Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Snippet

We don't often do product reviews and we don't get paid for doing them - but occasionally we come across something that we think is good enough to share. While at Sam Club yesterday (which freaked her out because they have re-organised the WHOLE store and she couldn't find things in the usual place) she came across these doggie cookies. What impressed her was :

1. Made in the USA - in Monroe Wisconsin!
2. No wheat, soy or corn
3. No chemicals
5. Recycled cardboard for the box
6. Price $11 for a 5 pound box
7. Flavors - we got the cheddar - but there was also Peanut butter and banana and something else - Mom forgot!
8. They don't make Denny throw up!
9. Most importantly - the taste test - WE LOVE THEM!


  1. Scrummy yummy. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Sounds like a bargain!

    I hate it when stores "reorganize". Don't they know we are creatures of habit, and want everything to be in its proper place?

  3. OOOOOOOooo, now they looooook goooooood! Our version of them are probably the Laughing Dog treats, I like the Cheesey Oaties (with Lincolnshire cheese and broccoli!)

  4. Many thanks, MOM & Dad are going today, will have them get some.

    Your Pals
    Sus & Bites

    Pees; How the Paw

  5. These are a favorite in our house too! Our friend (who also has greyhounds) told us about them. She is very conscientious about what her pups eat, so we just see what she likes and we know she's done all the research. We're lazy, but smart.

  6. Good thing there rearranged the place or she might not have come across them. SCORE for you!

  7. Peanut butter and banana! 2 of my favourite things to eat! Drool.

  8. yummmmmmm!
    They rearranged the BJ's store where mom shops too and she doesn't like it any better than your mom likes the changes at Sam's, Reilly! Why can't they leave well-enough alone?!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  9. We like those 'Wet Nose' treats.
    We get them at the Cost Plus stores during the holidays. They always have yummy flavors like Apple Pie and Sweet Potato :D

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  10. Mmmmm...cookies!! :-D Sounds delicious!! Thanks for the info dudes!

  11. Woof! Woof! Have not tried that brand as we seldom do buy treats from the store. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. We know that you don't join hops too but we co sponsor a Tasty Tuesday hop, you are welcome to add this url post on the hop this Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  12. HEY! I LIVE IN WEESCAWNSIN!!! Those are NOOMY treats BTW


  13. Sounds good. They don't make Denny throw up - ha, ha - that's good.

  14. Those doggy cookies look really delicious! Sometimes my mom thinks that we should move to a place called the STATES as there are more good and yummy treats.



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