Monday, January 7, 2013

Musing On Monday #3

What do wolves (in the wild) - the canines we are ALL descended from - EAT?

Hmmm last time I checked it wasn't canned food or food from a tin or a bag - it was dead stuff - stuff they killed themselves and then tore apart and ate raw. Occasionally they will find some remains from a bears killing or if they are really lucky a deer might of died from old age - personally I can't see that happening to often! And of coarse these days (not previously available to our ancestors) they have a smorgasbord of road kill to pick from or goodies from that big food dispenser called a dumpster that resides behind all restaurants. One thing I do KNOW - once they find this stuff - they don't put it in an oven or microwave to cook it first (mainly because Mom says there are no power points out in the wild to plug them into) - they just chomp it down - blood, guts, gore, maggots, packaging and all.

Now I have been watching some silly TV dog food commercials of late where they rave about all the fruits, vegetables and grains and "REAL" meat they use and oddly enough I can't say I have ever seen many wolves out there picking apples from the orchard, digging up carrots from the veggie patch or reaping wheat out the fields.  And just what do they mean REAL meat as opposed to UNREAL meat? If it unreal meat - then how can it even be called meat? Shouldn't it be called unreal something or other?

Of coarse many hoomans tend to think we are farrrrrrrrrr removed from the old wolf - but they are WRONG - WRONG - WRONG. How many stories do you read of where dogs go missing and survives for years "out in the wild".....why do many places in the world have 'wild dog problems' - domestic dogs that run in packs out in the wild and around towns. Back in Mom's home of  Australia the Dingo (Australia's only native dog) had just about been cross bred out of existence because of the 'domestic' dogs that got loose, were dumped or escaped and bred with the dingos.  How do they survive given that they were originally 'domestic?' Admittedly hooman TRASH makes life much easier for a dog out the street - but there are equally as many 'wild dogs' out in the country areas as there are in the city - and just like the clever wolf - you hardly ever see them!

But  back to the issue of food - Now personally I don't care what kind of food I eat - so long as I get fed (of coarse Mom limits it because of my stupid allergies) but  I still have a very varied diet for a dog. I eat a fish based dry food with no grains in it. (Hey Mom - I don't see many wolves fishing either????) I get raw bones as they help keep my teeth all nice and pearly white and give me calcium. I eat vegetables - although mom likes to hide them in a her own special "Reilly Brand Food" that she mixes up. I do love a good bit of apple - especially when Mom adds some cheese to go with it and banana and peanut butter is a yumbo treat.  I bake my own cookies  full of all the stuff that is good for me (well I supervise Mom doing it - I hate when the flour gets in my fur).  Now personally I think all this varied diet stuff appeases the hooman need more than our own....they are told a varied and balanced diet with lots of vitamins and such is good for them..... so it must be good for us too! Again I refer back to good old wolf here - can't say I have seen any at Walgreens Pharmacy vitamin/nutrition section of late - have you?

So whether you get get dried food, canned food, raw food or a mixture of all or a few - I say be happy so long as you are getting fed - because sadly there are way to many doggies out there that are not!    


  1. So true Professor Reilly! Thanks for your informative post!

  2. That is very true Reilly. There are many hungry dogs out there.

    The Typist fusses a lot over what to feed me but my favourites are still roadkill, decaying possum/bird and dried bait. No microwaving required ;)

  3. Great post Reilly, well explianed, and yes you do make a great Professor. Yeap we like all the foodies we get, and no having to hunt or fight over it!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Officer Bites

  4. Great post! You are one fine teacher, err I mean Professor.

  5. Reilly spot on there are too many hungry dogs out there. Prof we do not do green things ever. Have a marvelous Monday now.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. There are wayyyy to many hungry dogs and cats in the world and it makes me and magpie and moms sad and mad at the same time.
    It would sure to funny to see a pug running in the wilds wouldn't not really cos i maybe someones breakfast...i loves fruits and some veg in my food also!
    stella rose

  7. Well said Reilly!
    I do love apples and strawberries!
    Do your Cookies have sugar in them? Is it OK for you to eat?
    Pip :)

  8. Chewy says, "If it is edible (and sometimes even if it isn't)....I'll eat it!!!!!!"

    Oreo must be half cow, because he loves to eat plants. Must be the black and white gene.

  9. Every time my Lee see commercials about what is in dog food she says don't think your ancestors ate that, wonder how your digestive systems has evolved. Wonder if that is truly good for you and why do I think you need the same thing I eat. Lee remembers her grandmothers farm dog ate dry kibbles, eggs that were to far gone to sell, table scraps, and some fresh milk over the top because the cats ate out of the same big bowl. That wonderful dog lived 19 years.
    Sweet William The Scot

  10. we prefer to keep eating our kibble
    Benny & Lily

  11. We wanted to give your this linky cuz your mom will GO NUTZ over these model trains:

    OK, now we'll read your post...BRB

    -Bart and Ruby

  12. As long as we eat, we're happy. Butt you're right, many doggies don't get the nice foodies that we all get...

    -Bart and Ruby

  13. We love to's our favorite thing to do! Is it time to eat now?

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  14. Woof! Woof! mmm apples n strawberries love them. Do you know that I host a Tasty Tuesday blog hop. Add this post on our hop. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  15. We agree - eating is the bestest part, no matter what it is! What a great post, Professor Reiley!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  16. Poor doggies! I know how they feel when they are hungry because I'm always hungry too : (


  17. Very wise words and a quite amusing observation about that "real" meat. It does make one wonder.



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