Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In Search of Color - Part 3

One of the things we forgot to mention about Hardy is that it is in what they call the Ozark Boothills. We are not sure why they call them 'boothills' maybe because they are bit bigger than hills but not big enough to be mountains. Either way - they are still lots of fun to drive though and on our way back home we came across this pawsome water wheel. It doesn't work anymore but it was so neat to see.

We also saw a series of bridges and breakwaters to slow the river down which was pretty neat too. The little bridges were sadly in bad shape and Mom wouldn't let us go near them. There was actually 3 of them - each one about 200 feet apart. What puzzles us - is who built them as they are just 'there'. There is no houses, businesses or stores nearby and it doesn't look like there ever was. Mom with her ever pondering mind wondered why they were built but is glad they were because it is such a pretty spot.

And YES - finally - we got to see some real color. As usual Mom has a pet peeve about this too. Driving through the boothills was so pretty but there was not a single place to stop and enjoy the views. Some of the colors we saw were so amazing but we couldn't get photos of them. There is just one spot right on the edge of the boothill where they have built a liquor store (in the middle of nowhere we might add) that we could stop and take a picture. Mom just doesn't understand why American roads (at least around here) don't have 'way stops' as the Aussies call them. Now 'way stops' are not the same as rest stops - way stops are just normally little areas you can pull off away from the traffic. Back home in Australia the truckers use them a lot to just take a quick nap or rest up for a while and they are popular with travelers as they are usually placed in a scenic spot. Where Mom lived in Australia there were 'way stops' about 20 miles.

When we finally come out of the boothills we came to a tiny town called Ravendale - population 248 and one giant bird! We had to stop and get a picture of it - The Ravendale Raven. Denny was too scared of it to even get out of the car which is why you don't see him in the pictures - what a Dweeb! I guess he was pretty sinister looking. Oddly enough we did see a lot of ravens in the area - although Mom is pretty sure they are big old crows and not ravens - but the English who first settled the are probably thought they were ravens - hence the name.


  1. OMD talk about big bird. Sorry there was nowhere to stop and enjoy the views. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wow, you've got some amazing scenery photos there even without the laybys (England). I luffs that water wheel
    I finks they're Ravens (England!) but you're probably right !
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Here in AZ we have pull outs - although some of them are not in good spots for photography. I think they were originally built so that you could pull off and let faster traffic pass you by. Not 100% sure on that though.

    Monty and Harlow

  4. wow that's a giant bird! be careful he has a sharp beak :o) I'be heard about a prada store in the middle of nowhere, maybe it was the same guy who built that bridges once?

  5. We never heard little mountains called boot hills. What a beautiful area. There is a ginormous birdie behind you by the way
    Lily & Edward

  6. That's okay, we call our Little Ravens, crows...BOL! The Big that brings in the tourists.

    We wouldn't go near it either. SHE has had experience with trying to get us to sit near rhino statues...

    Also, we don't like crows and chase them every chance we get.

  7. Mom & Dad hope that when they retire they can travel and see some of these beautiful sites!
    Mr Bailey & Hazel

  8. There are "way stops", but we usually call them scenic overlooks for things with a scenic view most of the time. I doubt fall leaves would qualify for that. We have seen them all over the US in our road travels.

  9. Wow! That bird is HUGE! I think I might have been in the car with Denny. I've seen the film "The birds" one too many times.

    I'm frustrated by lack of pulling over places too. There are so many pretty foliage views on my way to work, but I can't just stop my car in the middle of the road, can I?

  10. Your mom sure does find the bestest spots, Reilly and Denny! The autumn leaves are just beautiful!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  11. THAT RAVEN is PAWFECT to see at THIS time of Year...

    OMD we LOVE the waterwheel.. THAT is amazing... What a Find.

  12. There are scenic overlooks some places, but dey are not dat common.

  13. Lightning would have been very happy to keep Denny company - that big raven is scary!!!!

    Beautiful colors!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. you both look so handsome against that amazing backdrop!

  15. What a lot of great places that you visited. I'd have been leery of the giant bird! The old gas station is my favorite. We really need to get back up there and discover some of the quaint places that you visit.

  16. That's one big crow! I'm with Dweeb I woulda stayed in the car. Lots of places have scenic overlooks, it just depends on the area and if there is something worth stopping to look at. Mom drove the highway in Oregon that runs along the Columbia river. She stopped a few times to look at the view, which was amazing. Also, there were stops along the way to Las Vegas in Arizona etc. Love Dolly

  17. Whoah....that is one big bird!!

    We kinda have "way stops" up here in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe because we have mostly back roads and people have pulled over for the views of the ocean and mountains so often that they made them permanent areas

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo


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