Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apple Jack Festival

Wooo hoo, mom, dad and I went to Apple Jack festival today and it was lots of fun. First we went to Arbor House (this is where Mr Morton of Morton Salt fame lived and he was also the person who created Arbor Day) For my buddies who live in other places in the world, Arbor day is like "plant a tree day". Mr Morton's family donated his beautiful big house and beautiful grounds to the State Parks so everyone can enjoy it, even us doggies. Mom and dad have been inside the house before and had looked around and were very very impressed with it, but they don't let doggies in the house so we just walked around the gardens today. Check out these funny paths too, they are the original cobblestone roads that horses use to walk on.

After looking around the front part we went around the back of the house where the fine art fair was supposed to be. Mom was rather disappointed as there were only 6 displays. Here we were watching a gentleman make things out of iron and here I am checking out what was going on over in those tent things. I got lots of pats and one little human left greasy stuff all over my fur on my head where she patted me. She was eating something called 'kettle corn" which smelled kind of good. I looked up at mom to ask if I could have some - but she said no because it might upset my tummy. Mom did buy some apple cider though but I don't think she will let me taste that either.

After Arbor House we then went to Fredrickson's - the apple orchard. This is a great place because they are pet friendly and let you take doggies for walks all around the orchard. I am not to sure about this whole apple picking though. Dad walked up and down and down and up the rows looking this way and that......couldn't he see the dogzzillion apples right in from of him? I figured this had to mean something so I decided join in and run from tree to tree too.

I kept asking dad - what about this one or this one? He just kept shaking his head and saying "no - that's not a good an apple" I thought there was only supposed to be one bad apple in the bunch - but is seemed like today he was trying to find the only good apple in the bunch. Eventually I decided to just lay down in a shady spot and wait until he found that "one good" apple he was looking for. So that was my day out, I had so much fun but now I am ready for a long snooze on my nice cool air conditioning vent.



  1. Cool, Reilly! I've never been to an apple festival or orchard before! You must've had lots of fun smelling all those new smells! Too bad about your sensitive stomach - I like apples but I only get a little piece when mom has one!

  2. You got to eat an apple? Gee, big puppies must have strong tummies. That would put Star right under the rug!

    Riley and Star.

  3. That looks like a super fun day out! Those apples are icky to eat anyway... I just spit them out!

  4. So did you get to eat an apple, Riley? I REALLY have to know?!

    Yer friend,


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