Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A stroll around the lake

We have had the most wonderful weather the last few days, it is cool and just perfect for being out and about. Today I took mom over to the lake but we went in a different direction then we normally go and we found a wonderful path to follow that went right down to the waters edge and even out into the water. Mom also saw these pretty flowers. The yellow ones she thought might be safflowers and the purple ones she knows are scotch thistles. The close up of the yellow flowers is really pretty if you biggify it. Mom was telling me that this lake is full of bass fish and that is why they built the path out in the water so that people would have somewhere to fish from. I hope your last days of summer are as nice as we are having.



  1. Thank you for the wonderful look at your surroundings Reilly. I wish I could be there with you basking in the sun. :)

  2. We are having beautiful weather here too! Your walk looked lovely and the flowers are very pretty!

  3. Very pretty Reilly. The flowers, not you, YOU are very handsome! What a fun place to go for a walk. Yep, we're having beautiful weather too, finally!

  4. Hi Reilly - we loved those pics - you look gorgeous and the flowers look gorgeous too - we thought they were sunflowers but perhaps not!
    Great place for a walk.
    Pity we can't all go a walk together.
    Martha & Bailey xxxxx

  5. Those yellow flowers are lovely! We've been out with our camera too and will be showing some of our NZ spring flowers on our blog shortly.

  6. Beautiful photos. Isn't is sad that summer is winding down. We had a fairly cool summer so this winter is really going to be rough.

  7. We thought the yellow ones were sunflowers too. Does your Dad like eating sunflower seeds? Maybe you could get some seeds for him to chew on.

    Essex & Deacon


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