Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poor Franklin

As some of you may know, Franklin the Corgie is my little buddy and lives just a house away from us. Mom goes every day to see how Franklin's mom (she is 8O) is doing and I go with her to see what Franklin has been up to. On Monday Franklin's mom called early in the morning very concerned about a sore she found on Franklins back - mom went straight away to have a look and said we needed to take Franklin to the vets. Mom made me stay home which I wasn't very happy about but it was for my little buddy so it was okay. Anyway, the vet checked Franklin all over and found 3 other sores. She took skin and fur samples and then gave Franklin's mom special shampoo, ointment and some antibiotics to take. They are not sure if it is ringworm or if Franklin has been stung or bitten by something (we are having a terrible yellow-jacket problem around Omaha at the moment - yellow jackets are nasty horrible wasps that are extremely aggressive). The test for ringworm takes 14 days to come back and only one sore had a ringish look to it, but was gone completely later that evening. The others were just swollen scabs. Until the tests come back Franklin has to be in quarantine (which means I can't go to visit) and even I had to bath in special stuff "just to be safe" mom said. Franklin's mom is terribly upset as she does everything to take care of Franklin and make sure he is healthy and she feels she has let him down. Mom spent a lot of time talking to her and explained it isn't her fault. If it is ringworm there will certainly be some questions asked though - as the only place he could of got something like that is at the groomers (he goes every 6 weeks and was there 12 days ago) and that is the only place he comes in contact with other dogs apart from myself and I don't have anything on me. Needless to say my mom has been quite crazy checking me all over since Monday which is very irritating MOM!!!!

Ricky also asked how Franklin's mom was doing - she had a very rough patch for about ten days while she got use to some new pain medicine, but that has settled down and she is now able to sleep through the night. She also has an epidural every 3 months and that helps her too. She is still very frail - mom says a gust of wind could blow her over so I have to be very careful when I am over there not to get in front of her where she could trip over me. Please keep your paws crossed that Franklin doesn't have any nasty old ringworm.



  1. Oh poor little Franklin! We keep our paws crossed for him. He and his Mom really had a rough old time lately :(

  2. Send best wishes and warm hugs to both Franklin and his mommy for me, Reilly! Also sending you a big hug for being such a great friend to them both. :)

  3. Thank you for the update on Franklin and his Mom. I was thinking about them as I drove home from work today and wondering. Hugs to the both of them, and to you as well!

  4. Hi Reilly
    We have been thinking about Frandlin's mus cos we know she hasn't been so well. Thanks for the update.
    Sorry to hear about Franklin and paws crossed it isn't ringworm.
    We do hope he gets better soon and his mum isn't too upset - these things happen.
    We are glad you are OK and can understand your mom checking you.
    Please give our love to both Franklin and his mum - from a safe distance of course..........
    martha & bailey xxxx

  5. Thank you for the news about Franklin's mom - glad to know she is hanging in there! But poor Franklin! We will definitely keep our paws/fingers crossed that he doesn't have ringworm and that he gets better soon!!! Reilly, you and your mom are such good friends to them!

  6. Gee, we hope he dose'nt have wingworm. We hear that stuff is nasty!

    Your mommy is a Guardian Angel and a blessing to Franklin and his mom. I guess that makes you a gaurd-ia-dog?

    Riley and Star.

  7. We have yellowjackets too - they like eating Mitch's apples!
    Thank you for the update on Franklin's mom! We were wondering how she was doing and our paws will be crossed for Franklin.
    We're saving lots of giant marigold seeds for you. Right now they're on our dining room table drying out. Hopefully we can send you all of these seeds very soon!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Hey Reilly, how is Franklin doing now? And his mom? Tell your Mom you are always welcome to run around in the yard with Katie anytime you are up this way! Katie thinks you are very handsome!


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