Monday, September 28, 2009

Sooooo bored

Mom's arth-e-rit-tus thing has been really bad the past week and we haven't really been doing much (apart from veggin on the couch) so I will give you an update on Bonnies kitty. She came home on Saturday and she is eating and drinking tiny bits now, but she has only one kidney working and her pancreas and liver are not functioning very well so sadly it is just a matter of time before the rainbow bridge calls her to cross. Mom has been going over twice a day to give her antibotics and says she is getting weaker every time she see's her. Mom is also VERY worried about Bonnie - she was already very frail and this whole thing has her so upset and she isn't sleeping or eating properly. Mom has sat down with her and talked about her taking care of her own health too. Sadly this kitty was Bonnie's husbands (he passed away a few years ago) and the kitty is sort of Bonnies last link to him so she doesn't want to let her go. Humans really live very complicated lives, I think it is much better just being a dog and I just want to go visit my buddy Franklin. I am also not very happy at being left at home again when mom goes over there and all because I am a little bit partial to chasing the kitties. That is what doggies do - chase kitties although I must admit Bonnies kitties scare me a bit. Mom says that's not a good thing to do at the moment so I have to stay home. My ouchie leg is all healed now, but where they shaved the fur off is starting to grow back and dog oh dog it is itchy. Hopefully mom will feel better tomorrow and we can go somewhere exciting.



  1. Hi Reilly
    We have missed you. We are sorry to hear about Bonnies little kitty cat. Things don't sound too good. You are right that humans complicate things.....after all what do we animals know about life and death.
    We just want to be happy, loved and taken care of. We trust our humans to sort things out for us and have no fear of going to the bridge.
    We are sending lots of virtual hugs to Bonnie.
    Martha & Bailey xxxx
    ps we are also sorry to hear about your mom's arth-e-rit-tus - hope it settles soon.

  2. Sorry to hear your mom has not been feeling like going out - we had rain all week here so we didn't go outside much either. Also sorry to hear about Bonnie and her kitty! We will be keeping them in our thoughts!

  3. Sorry your Mom is poorly. Sometimes we just has to deal with being bored when there is lots of people stuff going on.
    I feels sad about Bonnie's kitty. She a very beautiful cat.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  4. We feel so badly for Bonnie and her kitty! We are sending positive thoughts for both of them. We sure hope her kitty gets better.
    Mom mailed your package off this morning, Reilly. Have fun sprinkling seeds! You'll have to let us know if anything comes up next spring!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Such sad news Reilly, hope you give your Mom lots of extra hugs. It's hard on her, feeling sad for Bonnie and the kittie and not feeling good herself. SHe needs you to be extra special right now. I know you will!

  6. So sad, I'm sorry to hear that. My mom had a Birman Yogi who was living with grandma because we didn't get along. He was sick too and headed across the bridge last year. If it is her time, hopefully he will be waiting at the Birman intake station and show her the ropes and lots of love.

    I know I am just meeting you, but sending love and licks through the hard times.

  7. We will pray for Emily and Bonnie. We know it is tough for them.

    Hope your Mum's Arty's-itis gets better.

    Essex & Deacon


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