Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lake Manawa

Seeing how dad is going to be ignoring me all afternoon while he watches his foozeball - which actually last about 4 hours because he watches the pre-game discussions and the after game analysis, we decided to go out for walk early. (Hey Josh and Jess - if the check the previous post Cheri_Berri gave an excellant discription of what foozeball is) We went aaaaallllllll the way to the next state Iowa (okay it it is only 10 minutes away but it sounds more dramatic if I bark it that way) to a place called Lake Manawa. It is a HUGE lake with lots of surrounding park. Mom says visually it is very beautiful but it's not very user or dog friendly. There is a bike path which LOTS of people were using so we couldn't walk on it but there isn't actually any walking trails. There are a lot of picnic areas but they set up in little cul-de-sacs and there is no where to walk from them.

It is without a doubt a great place for fishermen and wildlife, in fact look what we saw. These are wild turkeys - there a group of about 20 (there was more over in the trees). Mom was very surprised when I stuck my head out the car window and growled and barked at the turkey's as we drove past. Mom also thought these looked like vultures because they were kind of ugly - if you click on the photo to bigify it you can see why. We also saw the most magnificant blue heron but he flew off just as mom was about to take the photo. Then here is am (below) at one of the picnic areas and then also we found a small place called Boy Scout island and that has this nice fishing dock



  1. How beautiful! You wanna trade live's??? I sure wish we was with you right now.

    It looks so pee-sful there. I think it's nice to be some place where you can just be alone and think.

    Wait a minute! I'm think'n that no buddy's looked at me in five minutes!

    I wish I was you.

    Riley and Star.

  2. That looked like a great walk - fancy seeing turkeys and its nowhere near Christmas!
    We hope your Dad enjoyed his four hours of foozeball - boring......
    We are sure you had a better day with your mom.
    Martha & Bailey xx

  3. It was a great idea for you and your mom to get away from your dad while he was absorbed with his foozeball! Neat lake and the wild turkeys were so cool!

  4. We see wild turkey here every so often and mom thinks they kinda homely looking too! What a beautiful spot for a walkie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Hey there Riley! What a pretty park, but I can see that you needed a few dog friendly walking trails there! Sort of like the really big park I like to go's too busy on the weekends to walk with Katie, have to go during the week, otherwise we'd be run over by a bike or runners! But you look really happy near the lake, such a pretty lake! Wish we could go on walkies together!

  6. That is wild turkey? We thought wild turkey was whisky. BOL. Yep, them turkeys are big birds.

    You look like you had fun. To bad Dad was watching fooozball and couldn't enjoy the park with you.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Deacon

  7. Good grief, 4 hours!!!!!!!!!! The Mama is close to fainting here! That shows how much (little!) we know about sports, other than going for our daily walkies :) :)


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