Tuesday, September 8, 2009

An update on my food

As some of you may have read I have some major problems with food. I can not eat any kind of beef, chicken, pork or lamb be it in dry food, cooked or raw. I also can not eat anything with rice in it. After many trips to the vets and lots and lots of testing they found I could eat a limited ingredient diet of venison and sweet potato. (They are now thinking my problems relate to the chemicals, additives and hormones found in most foods). When mom checked up on my old food on dogfoodanalysis.com and two other sites and she found it had a very poor rating and the one which the vet recommended was even worse !!! So mom did a lot of research and found this food which is called "taste of the wild" and has bison, venison, vegetables and fruit in it. All the products that go into this food are organic so there is no chemicals in the meat etc. Of coarse the only thing I care about is whether it tastes good - and it does!!!!! The best thing though is that is doesn't upset my tummy at all - so no more of the icky jelly poops and my fur - especially the black now has a nice shiny gleam to it. Mom has also noticed that I am not as lethargic as I was and I am not shedding as much now either - of coarse that could be because we are heading into fall now too.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this with us Reilly! I have been looking for a no grain diet for my Daisy because she keeps getting Mast Cell Tumors and we think it is related to all of the additives in commercial dog food. She just had surgery last week to remove another potentially life threating one and I have been in a panic trying to find a different food for her. I will definately visit the site you suggested too. Thanks again, and thank your mommy too. :)

  2. That's very interesting, Reilly! Glad to know you are doing so well on your new food. We check out that dog food analysis website too. I can eat chicken and so I eat Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken Meal formula - it's grain-free and my coat is all shiny too!

  3. Hi Reilly
    We are glad you have found some food that is agreeing with you. You always look in very good condition to us with a beautiful shiny coat.
    Martha is allergic to lots of things so both of us eat anti-allergenic food which seems to be very good.
    That took a while to find.
    Sorry we seem to be late commenting but you were way down our blog roll and we seemd to have missed you.
    Love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxxx

  4. Hi Reilly, that's great news about your new food! Jessie has a very sensitive stomach too so we know all about jelly poop!! Of course, she is also a scavenger and will frequently raid the trash can... you would never do that, would you???

  5. Hi Reilly!
    I am trying to catch up with all my friends and wanted to make sure I stopped in to say hello to you! Stop by my blog this week to see the fun stuff I am doing with Pink Baby!
    :) Tibby

  6. Yea! It was very nice of your mum to do all that research for you. I am glad you found some good-for-you food you like.
    your pal, Morgan


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