Friday, September 4, 2009

The foozeball is back !!!!!

Oh no !!!! Dad told me that he will be watching his beloved Penn State play their first game this Saturday. Our local cable company didn't carry the Big Ten games but this week they signed a deal and are now going too. Now I don't mind that dad watches the games - even though it means he ignores me while it is on - but what I don't like is when he jumps up out of his chair and cusses and the TV because for some reason cussing really worries me. Dad doesn't say bad words or anything but he calls the TV odd things like "you stupid umpire, are you blind, what were you thinking, how could you miss that....and so on" Mom thinks it is the 'tone' dad uses that worries me although she is not sure why because he has never used that tone with me and never uses it around the house - except when the foozeball is on. Mom says I am just a 'sensitive" boy. Either way, it looks like I will be protecting moms feet in the craft room while the game is on. Mom doesn't understand the game so she usually goes and does something else. I just hope dad doesn't want me to wear the silly jersey again this year!



  1. Hi Reilly, you are looking very cool in your footie T shirt!
    We know the problem with Dads watching games on TV - our Dad is actually very quiet but as you say they suddenly shout at the TV for apparently no reason.
    Mum now makes sure Martha goes for a walk cos she really doesnt like it!!!
    Dads!!! Thank dogness for Mums!
    Have a great weekend.
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  2. Yes Reilly, you are very lucky to have your Mom and her craft room to retreat to during football season!

  3. Hmmm.... maybe you should go for a long walk while the foozeball is on Reilly! :) I'm sure your Mom will be delighted to have you all to herself for 90 minutes or so.

  4. Oh, Josh and Jess,

    You think one of these foozeball games lasts for just 90 minutes or so. The game itself goes for 4 quarters (I think each quarter is 15 minutes, but I could be wrong.) Then there are time-outs, when the clock is stopped, and forward progress of the ball down the field is measured with chains, after many of the "plays." Of course, you can't forget the "halftime" break/show. At halftime, the teams go back to their locker rooms to rest, get a critique of their first-half performance from the coaches, and maybe get treatment if they've had a minor injury during the first half. I'm not sure how long halftime lasts, but it's long enough for the TV commentators to analyze each team's performance and stats to DEATH.

    Then the teams come back on the field and it starts all over again.

    I just realized I've explained professional foozeball. College foozeball is slightly shorter, especially if the teams aren't major "powers." Not quite as much TV commentary. All in all though, I think the game "experience" runs closer to 3 hours than 90 minutes.

    Oh, hi, this is my first post on a blog other than SheltieTales. Reilly, I'll get my Trudy girl to post on here sometime...but she's sorta shy, it might be a while.

  5. oh no, I hope your Dad doesn't scare you jumping about at the foozeball too much!


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