Monday, August 31, 2009

What a noisy 4 days

After two practice days and then two days of the show, I am pretty happy the Blue Angels have gone now and so is Franklin - the poor little guy thought it was thunder and would sit there trembling and shaking every time they started flying. The noise didn't bother me but I didn't like my dad spending so much time watching them and not playing with me. Mom made a little video of bits of the flying over the last few days. She apologizes for not getting any close ups but she had to record this on her digital camera and not the video camera because the silly battery on the video won't hold a charge and kept going flat after only a few minutes. On Saturday we actually sat on the top of a hill over looking the base rather then fighting the crowds and that was good because doggies were not allowed on there over the weekend. We did actually go and check out a new park too on Sunday but we didn't stay long as dad noticed there was poison ivy growing all along the hedge near the path and he is very very allergic to it. The good thing is, there are plenty of other nice parks to visit.



  1. WOW!!!! Amazing that they can fly so close together. Very cool to see, though I'm sure Katie would have gone ballistic. You were a very good boy not to bark at them all the time!

  2. The Blue Angels look really cool, but I don't blame you for being glad the noise is over and you have your dad back!

    My mom is allergic to poison ivy too. Once when she was a kid she got it inside and outside her body!

  3. Thanks Reilly for posting this neat video! It brought back sooo many nice memories for me. I live in California about a mile from a no longer used air base and the video brought back memories of attending all the air shows with my father and grandfather when I was a child. We would go EVERY summer and see the Blue Angels and more! We were allowed to climb into the parked planes and visit the museum there. Good times. :)

  4. Great video - they really look awesome but we can understand you don't like the noise - we wouldn't either!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  5. WOW!!! AWESOME!!!! AMAZING!!!! What a great video and you could see all this from your house!!! :) Poor Franklin, we can image how noisy it must have been!


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