Tuesday, August 11, 2009

For Martha and Bailey - Lots of Barking

Mom and I were playing chase around the house this morning and when we play chase I love to bark (actually I am laughing at mom because she can't catch me) So here is a video for Martha and Bailey who wanted to hear some barking. I forgot to mention - mom and I had been playing chase for about 20 minutes before she made this video - so I was pretty much all chased out when we got to this point.



  1. Hi Reilly,
    We loved hearing you bark - did you hear us bark right back at you?
    Thank you for making your barking video.
    You looked very fluffy running about the living room. You enjoy placing chase with your mom and we could see she would never be able to catch you - you are far too quick!
    Martha & Bailey xx

  2. You sure are laughing Reilly! It's fun to see you playing like that. Did you know that I played this video (it's almost midnight here) and Katie who is sleeping was too tired to come and investigate! Silly dog! We're headed out to camp pretty soon, so it's good she's getting a bit of her sleep in before I guess!

  3. What a pawsome bark. We love barking but normally do it to alert Dad for other dogs, strangers, evil bicycles, golf carts and such.

    Essex & Deacon


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