Monday, August 10, 2009

Lawn Mowing Day

Monday is when the lawn care men come to our house which also means the day I go crazy telling them off for being in MY yard. Well a little bit crazy anyway, mom usually keeps me inside until they finish. I did get to bark out them for awhile when they doing the outside of my fence though. Mom came outside to see if I was still barking at them or because I wanted to go see Franklin - that is his house across the way.

Mom and I are also very worried about Franklin's mom Bonnie - she hasn't been well since Sunday and when mom and I went to visit her this afternoon, we MADE Bonnie call the doctors and get an appointment. Bonnie is diabetic and has C.O.P.D and any little sniffle can turn quickly into bronchitis. It is also Bonnies surprise birthday next weekend and everyone wants her to be well enough for that. (mom got mixed up and thought it was the past weekend but her birthday is on the 15th) So please...... if you have some to spare - can you send some nice doggie wishes Bonnie's way.



  1. We are so sorry to hear about Bonnie, we are sending basset best wishes to her from Scotland.
    We also hate the grass being cut Reilly but we have still to watch your video cos you mentioned barking!
    It is just after 8am here and mum has to go to work so she doesn't want us barking before she goes - this is our calm time!
    We will come back tonight and watch it though cos we always love your videos.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. That is one cool doggie door, Reilly! We don't like the lawn mower either! We steer clear until the beast goes back to sleep in our barn!
    We're sending lots of healing vibes Bonnie's way!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. You look cute and happy!
    We sorry Bonnie not doing so good. I sending some pawsitive vibes her way!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  4. We send good vibes Bonnie's way as well. We haven't watched the video yet either...cause Daddy is sleeping and if Katie hears you barking, she'll start barking back! he he! Plus SHE's sleeping now too, so I don't want to lose my peaceful moment!

    Reilly, tell your Mom that I hope she is having a good day today, and that she continues to win in her fight to live the good life!


  5. PS: I watched the video without the sound turned on. It was great to see your personality (and your tongue!) come out on the video. I think you're the same size as Katie! And of course you do the same little head twist when you're trying to figure your mom out!

  6. We came back to see the video and you didn't bark once!
    How cool that you have a see through fence - we liked that. Franklin does live near you. We hope Bonnie is feeling a bit better.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  7. So sorry to hear Bonnie is not feeling well! Hope she is much better soon!

    Love you doggy door, Reilly! That is so cool!


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