Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An update on Franklins Mom

I thought I would give an update on Franklin's mom - Bonnie. She has had to go into the hospital today as they have found she has stress fractures in her spine. She has to be there for about 3 weeks while they see what they can do to help her. Bonnie's son is going to come and live at her house to take care of Franklin and the kitties - but during the day while he is at work Franklin is going to come and visit with me so he won't be lonely. Those hissy kitties have each other and can take care of themselves - besides they always make funny noises when I see them and I don't like them!!!!!



  1. Reilly, we feel so sorry for Franklin's Mom! We hope they can help her at the horsepital. That's great that you offered Franklin to come and live with you during the day. It'll give you a taste of what it's like to have a sibling. Maybe you two can even play a little game of bitey-face together :)

  2. Oh dear, we are sorry to hear the news about Bonnie - still she will get the care she needs in hospital to help her get better.
    We are glad that you are helping out with Franklin cos he is going to miss having Bonnie around.
    You will be able to take his mind off things Reilly and he will love spending time with you.
    You are right about the cats - they will be fine as long as they get fed.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. It's terrible to hear about Franklin's mom! Hope she gets the help she needs at the hospital! Good thing Franklin can come and spend some time with you - you can really help to cheer him up!

  4. Oh no! We feel so badly for Bonnie! We're sure you'll take very good care of Franklin while his mom is recovering in the hospital, Reilly!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Oh no Reily! So sorry to hear obout Franklins mom. I hope she will be better soon but in the meantime I'm sure she will be so glad to know that you are keeping Franklin company and making sure he is not lonely. :)

  6. That's very sad news about Franklin's mom. He is going to miss her, but it's good that you can have him at your house during the day so he doesn't have to sit by himself and worry so much.

  7. We are keeping our paws crossed. Tell her the Collies are sending positive vibes her way.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Deacon


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