Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is that noise!!!!!

This weekend is the Offutt Air force Base "Freedom Airshow" and even as I sit under the table protecting moms feet (and dictate this to her) there are jets thundering over our heads and making the windows rattle. Mom says we live in line with the south north runway and about half a mile from the base and that is why it is so loud because today we are right in their flight path as they do their practice maneuvers and trust me - they are noisy!!! My dad, being a retired Navy thrilled that they are having the Navy Blue Angels flying this year and no doubt mom and dad will be there bright and early on Saturday to see all the planes and displays. Last year it was the air force Thunderbirds and Dad didn't think they were all that good (da ya think that is the Navy in him speaking!) Mom thought they were brilliant and she is sure the Blue Angels will be too. Personally I do not think it is fair....I can go with my mom on the base any other time but there is NO dogs allowed this weekend. How can protect mom's feet????

Here is a little video mom made as they flew over the house



  1. Hm... Reilly, I think the show is password protected :) The Mama says she'd do to an air show if she had half the chance so hopefully she'll get to see some pictures of Saturday's show here.

  2. Hi Reilly,
    We thought the pictures were great but we wouldn't like the noise either!!
    Your Blue Angels sound like our Red Arrows - very clever with awesome shows but oh so noisy for us dogs.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. I wouldn't like all that noise at all, Reilly! You are a brave dog to protect your mom like you do!

  4. We wouldn't like all that noise flying over our house either, Reilly, but mom says that she thinks it would be very exciting to see!

    Wavin' at ya from Nantucket,
    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Just remember, the Navy calls them aviators, the Air Force calls them pilots, if they belong to NASA then they be astronuts. BOL

    Essex & Deacon

  6. How did the weekend go Reilly? Was it really really noisy!? Did your Dad have fun? Were you able to take care of your Mom anyway?

  7. WOW, that would make me want to do some serious herding! that's way better than the hello!-copper that flies over my house. thanks for the birthday greetings!
    your pal, Morgan


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