Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dogervising - Yellow

Mom and I love to check out Autumn's Wheelie Wednesday over on Maggie and Mitch's blog. Today she was finding everything orange and had some of the prettiest flowers. We don't have a lot in our garden because we have a flower monster that likes to sleep on mom plants or chew its bones while laying on the flowers. Mom says our house is also part of home owners association and they are rather strict on what you can do in your gardens - mom doesn't like that at all. We rent our house and mom was SHOCKED when they said you couldn't change anything as she had never heard of this home owners association thing before coming to the USA.

Today though, I have been out on my step keeping watch and making sure that monster stayed away. We don't have any orange in our garden like Autumn does but we do have yellow, so here is what mom found before the monster got to them. First off is mom's yellow tomatoes. We have two varieties, the yellow cherry tomato and a yellow roma tomato. The yellow roma's seem to be taking forever to grow and ripen. So far we have had only had 2 from the plant even though it is covered with green ones. Mom has also been a bit disappointed as these yellow tomatoes were both meant to be low acid and the cherry ones are not so mom can't eat those. I tried one but didn't like it at all !!!! Luckily dad likes them - he has them with real mozerella, olive oil and balsamic vinager.

The next thing mom found was some pretty yellow marigolds. Mom has always loved marigolds and use to grow them back home in Australia where she grew giant ones called Jezabels. She hasn't been able to find that species here. She also love the small Spanish marigolds that comes in shades of deep red and browns. I am not to fond of these marigold because in my last tussle with the garden monster he rolled me over onto one of them and the I smelt like marigolds for days.

And lastly, was a bucketful of lilies that Franklin mom gave us and they are yellow too. Mom was going to let them dry out and store them for planting next year but they just keep on flowering. So that is a little tour of the yellow things in our garden.



  1. We always love Autumn's wheelie post too - wonder if she will change her hat in the winter!
    We can't see any sign of crushed flowers in your garden - they looked perfectly healthy and pretty.
    The tomatoes are looking good - we didn't know yellow ones had less acid.
    We have no tomatoes this year cos we are here - they need to grow in the conservatory and mum thought they wouldn't be safe!!!
    We really dont understand how tomatoes need to be safe.
    Martha & bailey xxx

  2. Dad is growing giant marigolds, guys! We'll have to save you seeds from those plants too!
    We have yellow brandywine tomatoes in our garden but so far there is no sign of any yellow ones - only green!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Hmmmm I always thought the yellow tomatoes were lower in acid too. Not the cherry ones, ey? You saw lots of pretty yellow things in your yard!

  4. I like all your yellow things Reilly. I sure the tomatos will improve. Gosh, I will has to watch out for that flower monster. I bet he invisible to peoples right?
    ~lickies, Ludo
    pee ess: Tell your Mom the background is up!
    Mum is chuffed!


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