Thursday, August 20, 2009

Walking in the rain

For the first time in what seems months we have actually had a few cool days so mom and I decided to go on a walk. Needless to say by time we got half way up the street it started to rain and you know how much I dislike water - but it wasn't going to stop me, I was a dog on a mission - to check out every smell before the rain washed them away. So yes, by time we got home I was rather wet and bedraggled looking - mom on the other hand had the sense to take a big umbrella with her. Having just has a bath on the weekend my coat didn't quite have it's normal water repellent quality that it usually has so it was out with the big fluffy towel when we got back and that also ment a game of tuggy. Mom and I always play tuggy towel after I have a bath and I am dried off. It was still the best walk though - even if I did get wet and you know what - I didn't even shrink!! I wonder if all those funny people playing golf in the rain shrank though?

This morning mom and I have also been working on a new trick. Mom has been trying to make a video of it but I get bored with it and wander off all the time. Mom thinks she may have to put my lead on so I will stay in front of the camera. Hopefully we have something to share soon.


  1. Wait - are you telling us that your mom didn't hold that umbrella over your head to keep you dry? Ours would have - we demand it!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Katie hates being out in the rain too. She squints up her little eyes and shakes and shakes, and then heads for the house. You were VERY BRAVE to stay out there even though you got wet. And towel tug makes it all worthwhile I think!

  3. Oh we have had nothing but rain Reilly but we can appreciate it would be cooler for you.
    Like Maggie and Mitch we just imagined your mom would have an umbrella for you - after all you would take quite some time to dry.
    We hope you like the hairdryer - our mum is still trying to get us used to that but we are both such scaredy cate/dogs!!!
    You looked lovely on your walk.
    Martha & Bailey xxx


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