Friday, February 18, 2011

Dog Beds and "IT"

Over the years Mom has bought me soooo many beds. Temper-pedic foam, water-filled cool bed, trampoline style, basket, snuggly and so on - and what do I do - IGNORE them all, preferring instead to sleep on the floor. So imagine Mom's surprise when she walked outside this morning to find me laying on the trampoline bed just enjoying the sunshine. She had put it outside thinking that "IT" might like resting on, but of coarse he has been ignoring it. You have probably been wondering why I haven't mentioned "IT" much of late, well it is MY blog after all and why should I share it with that little "THING". Actually, I have just been sitting back and enjoying "IT" getting in all sorts of trouble. "IT" likes to empty the laundry basket and spread the clothes all over the floor, "IT" chewed through the power charger cord for Dad's phone (he was NOT happy). "IT" likes to dig huge holes in the garden (Mom was not happy), "IT" empties the toy basket at least 6 times a day all over the floor and "IT" loves to tear up tissues. "IT" is the biggest ever WUZ too - he has more clothes then Paris Hilton's Dog!

I think you are getting the picture by now. Sure "IT" is occasionally fun to play tug with but that doesn't make up for all the tail grabbing and paw nipping "IT" does to me - or the fact "IT" is constantly trying to and does steal my treats! Being cute can only take you so far "IT" and that is all I have to say at the moment.

In other news - can you see the specks of green appearing in my lawn, I can hardly wait until it turns bright green again - this dormant dry brown phase during winter is so depressing. Don't forget about the Great Dog Blog Giveaway, I hope you are out with the cameras or looking through your old photo's.



  1. Reilly looks so comfortable on the trampoline bed. He is such a handsome boy! IT is pretty cute too :)

  2. LOL, "It" sounds like lots of work. LOL

  3. I've thought about getting one of those beds for Oreo to have outside, but wonder if he will still go lay in the corner of the deck like usual, rather than laying on the bed! Maybe I need to get an "IT" and then he'll be sure to use the bed?

  4. That trampoline bed is so cool! We bet it's really comfy!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. We got a trampline bed for Katie too. She ignores it.

    By the out Reilly....I think "IT" likes you!

  6. Seems like that bed was made for you Reilly!

    We have looked through photos for your contest and will blog about it soon!

  7. You're so lucky to have so many beds! I have one and the only one!!! So I love my little red bed.
    IT sounds quite a handful!

  8. You sure are handsome, and It is just funny in his coat! That looks like a comfy bed. I like all beds. Especially comfy ones.


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