Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Update

As some of you know my Mom was very sick last year and spent most of the year in the hospital. Tomorrow she is going to have some more surgery to repair some of the damage the previous surgeries caused. Of coarse this means I will be very busy looking after Mom for the next few days so I might not get the chance to blog much. Please send lots of good puppy vibes to my Mom. I will try and let you know how she is doing as soon as I can and in the meantime I will be sitting right here by the front door until she comes home again.



  1. Oreo & I will be thinking about your mom today. I hope the surgery goes ok, and the recovery is quick.

  2. We are sending lots of AireZen to your mom, Reilly! We hope she has a quick recovery.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. We are definitely sending lots and lots of healing vibes to your mom!!
    Eva sends her slobbery kisses too. I hope your mom gets better soon!

  4. We will definitely send all good and positive thoughts to your mom today and tomorrow and until we hear from you how it went! I hope all goes well and your mom is back home to you in no time!

  5. Hope everything goes well Reilly, I is sending you my bestest paw power!

  6. Katie and I will be thinking about your Mom all day too...you keep careful watch of her, OK? And tell them to drive safely..I hear your area is in for more snow...

  7. Oh Reilly, we are so very glad your mom has you to look after her.
    What a time she has had. Our thoughts are with you all.
    Take care
    Martha and Bailey xx

  8. Me and my Mum hope your Mum gets better soon!

  9. So Reilly...is she feeling a little better yet?


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