Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Entries in the Dog Blog Giveaway

1. Here is the first entry in our giveaway, this is from Cheri and Trudy - what a cutie she is. Just click on the link to see her photo

2. Here is Ricky's entry - isn't he adorable

3. And here is Casey - what an unusual place to sleep - but I bet it is nice and cool

4. Here is Brody's entry - he has the best place in the house for a snooze - with a view

5. And here is Miss Katie - what a pretty sleeping beauty

6. The great he dog himself - the Mango Mister - what a lip curling experience

7. Here is Asta's entry - Isn't she the cutest in her PJ's !

8. Here is Oreo's entry - he's a little bit of a flasher :) :) :) but the cutest puppy

9. Here is Bart as an adorable puppy - being cute is such tiring work

10 Maggie and Mitch - they look SOOOOO comfortable on their new bed

11. This is Seren and my goodness he is doing a balancing act on the edge of the chair - gosh he's adorable

12. And here is Ciara - this is one of the Ahhhhhh isn't she sweet moments

13. Here is Ludo - Check him out as a puppy with Aunt Penny

14. Here are the Hudson Furkids all in their favorite sleeping positions

15. Baby Rocket and Hootie look so comfortable together

16. Here is Kylie's and Jimmy's entry - what a pair of characters

17. Here is Argos taking a nice long nap

18. Here is Stuart - having an interesting snooze on a picnic table

19. This is who loves the Mom's bed for snoozing.

20. Here is Tibby busy snoozing everywhere and with the enemy (a cat) !

21. Here is Mayli in a half on and half of the bed sleeping position



  1. We enjoyed their post too. Trudy is so adorable.

  2. Trudy IS adorable! We'll have to go look for a sleepy Katie-girl...

  3. Great entry! Trudy is a beauty. :)

  4. I love Casey's sleeping spot! Too funny!

  5. Ricky is so cute sleeping on the job. It just goes to show what a good helper he was passing out the candy. I'm sure he was a big hit with all the kids :) Good luck!

  6. We're just going to have to get going...of course Katie is still at the she sleeps a lot when she gets home tomorrow though!

  7. Hey Reilly...I forgot...I waved at you from the plane as we flew over your house last night....did you see me?

  8. I love all those cutie sleepy doggies..that windowsill has to be the most unoosual place to pick, hehehe
    thanks fow showing all these
    smoochie kisses

  9. All the pups are so cute! How is Reilly going to decide?

  10. Those are all great photos, I have to admit, but mine is the most best, right? Did I win? Did I win?


  11. What wonderful pictures! We just found your blog through the rottrover's blog. Can't wait to see who wins your contest.

    Jed & Abby


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