Monday, February 14, 2011

A rough weekend for Mom

Mom didn't have a great weekend, she has been in a lot of pain and the surgery has really set her back again making her very tired and just generally not feeling well. I figured I had better do something so I got Dad to take me to Petco and I looked for a nice bone that Mom could chew on. Of coarse, that also meant that Dad and I had to have a BIG discussion on the merits of Mom having a bone, for some reason Dad seemed to think that Mom would not enjoy it. How could ANYONE not enjoy a big tasty marrow bone???? My dogness, I really began to worry about how sick Mom might be when Dad told me this; but he assured me that Mom was fine and that she just wasn't fond of bones - sure sounds like a sick person to me !!! Mom goes to see the surgeon today and she thinks everything is just fine, she said that she thought the stitches were very tight and that is what is probably causing the pain. I hope that is all it is as we have the most beautiful weather this week, it is going to be in the high 60's all week with no rain or snow in the forecast - this all means perfect walkies weather and in fact "She who is never seen" took me and "IT" for a walkies in the park yesterday.

Dogness - I nearly forgot !!! Happy Valentines Day every one and special Valentines message to my favorite girl - Miss Katie. Sigh, isn't she just the sweetest and prettiest little lassie you have ever seen. Dad and I got Mom lots of flowers and he found mom a really special card too which we gave her this morning. I also forgot to mention that while sitting with Mom yesterday we also came up with some great news - we are going to have one of our Great Dog Blog Giveaways again. So get those cameras ready (we promise no pee-mail photo's this time) because we have some wonderful prizes. Details coming soon.



  1. I bet your mom is sore and tired! She would have to be after having surgery again. Hopefully when she sees the doctor today, he will tell her she is healing well!

    I don't understand why moms don't like bones either - crazy!

  2. First of all, hope your mom is feeling better soon. I think some hot chicken soup is good for your mom instead of the bone as it's a bit too hard and chewy for her at the moment.
    Happy Valentine's to you too, your Miss Katie is a cutie. She is beautiful and sweet!

  3. Well, at least you dont have to share your bone:)

    Hope your mom feels better soon.

    Katie is a beautiful girl.

  4. We bet your mom would rather have a nice hug from you than a bone, Reilly!
    We hope she feels better soon.
    Happy Valentine's day!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Happy Valentine's to you too Reilly! I'm sure Katie would send you a big sloppy kiss if she weren't at doggie camp right now.

    Hope your Mom feels lots better soon so you can enjoy some walks!


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