Monday, March 4, 2013

Musing On Monday #11

After I had my laser treatment on my back this morning my dogtor told Mom to take me for a little walk just to stretch the muscles - wow oh wow - the dogtor PRESCRIBED a walkie - how cool is that and there is NO WAY Mom could ignore the dogtors orders!!!  So Mom drove to the park after our visit and the first thing we noticed is how high the water level is in the lake - in fact is was overflowing! This is the new spillway they built last year and it seem to be doing its job quite nicely. I must admit I was loving the cold wind blowing across the lake - the Mom not so much.

Next we headed up through the little play ground area and thankfully there was none of those screaming loud shrunken hoomans there (actually there is never is when we visit although sometimes we hear them from across the lake where the BIG playground is). The Dweeb in particular doesn't seem to sure about the shrunken hoomans - he thinks they are very strange and noisy.


  1. Glad no shrunken humans were there at YOUR park.

  2. That's awesome. Mom's doctor said she had to take us for walks. Sadly, the weather has been bad and she hasn't been able to get us out much lately. However, we plan on reminding her of the doctor's orders as soon as possible.

  3. Sound promising. We hope the treatment does the trick and you are well and back to normal soon. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Gotta love a dogtor that prescribes walks.

  5. Imagine having 8..yes thats right 8 of those little shrunkin humans visiting your house...its enuf to send me and mags over the deep end...that was a nice walk tho!!
    stella rose

  6. That's a great prescription. No walk for Beckett and Keltic but I did take them shopping at the pet store.

  7. You were perscribed a walk?!! Awesome. Hope you're feeling better!

  8. A walk is good medicine!

    Not a fan of small, noisy humans myself (that's why I teach teenagers!). Can't blame Denny for being wary of them.

  9. A doctor who prescribes walkies is the best and it looks like you and Denny had a great time, Reilly!

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  10. Very cool! I want this dogtor!!
    Ya know, the shrunken humans gets me all excited, too! Ma says I get too interested in em',and since I have no manners, I can't say hello.

  11. Oh wow, you get laser treatments too. I get them for my back, my two front legs particularly around my ankles and even my ears, because they are so long and the laser makes them not itchy. I hope that it's working for you.

  12. My dogster never prescribes walkies. She just give me shots. You have a good dogster.

  13. That dogtor is the best! He knows what you need the most and your mom can never ignore his prescriptions.

    Tiny hoomans are terrible!

  14. Can your doctor prescribe that for me too? :)

  15. Shrunken humans BWAH haha! I can honestly say I've never heard kiddies being described that way before. Love it :)


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