Monday, March 18, 2013

Musing On Monday #12

Pet Health Insurance - It is something we have been pondering over lately and the fact that ours simply doesn't cover anything. We had ASPCA pet health insurance which Mom cancelled today. She is a bit scared about it  because of  the "what if factor" - What if this happened or what if that happened?  Ours was costing $70 a month and they wouldn't cover any of my allergy stuff, any of my back treatments or bad leg/foot issues. They also wouldn't cover any of  Denny's medicines and they say they won't cover his arthritic knee because he was 2 days under 1 year old when he was diagnosed. Mom says the $70 a month ($840 year) might as well be put towards the bills she already has to pay for anyway.  We have been looking at other plans but of coarse we have "pre-existing conditions" and so far haven't found any thing that will cover us. Mom says it is a dilemma - she wants the BEST for us and has no qualms of about making sure we get it but it is always nice to have something to fall back on - but is that 'fall back plan' worth it when they are not covering anything anyway?  Something else - we had to pay extra for 'continuing care coverage". What that means is.... if your dog develops something one year - it may not be covered the next year because it is now a pre-existing condition - UNLESS you take out the continuing care coverage which covers follow up treatments for the same condition in the next year. Something to think about for anyone considering Pet Health Insurance - and something you need to check on if you already have a plan - are you covered for that?


  1. We have been thinking of getting pet ins, but just for Kori. (she is the one that we worry will eat something and develop an obstruction) We use to have it, but when Lad got so sick, they covered none of his medical bills - which were thousands. And when Holly got sick, the insurance covered none of her $2,500 bill. So really, what is the point?

  2. Sounds like the right move to drop somethng that does not cover ANYTHING. MOM has been considering getting VIP Pet Insurance. So far she thinks it is pretty good. It will even cover me at my age of 13. Which she was surprised at. They have 3 plans, Comprehensive, economical and emergency. You might want to check them out. Here is the address:
    You can get a quote right on line by answering a few question. Maybe it would be right for you. I think the plan she was looking at would be 30.55 a month.

  3. I think our insurance works differently over here. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. We don't have pet insurance, but I am curious to see what everyone has to say about it.

  5. We've thought about it, but I think what we'd need to do is find out what we could get that would cover surgery, emergency care, etc. The stuff that hits hard and quite expensively.

  6. Wow, that insurance doesn't sound very helpful! The momma has me under VPI Pet Insurance. We've been very happy with them, they've covered about 75% of my vet bills ($7,500 out of $10,000 last year). If you were looking for another company, maybe call and see if they'll waive the pre existing conditions since you were on another insurance plan when they came up...

  7. What a rort. They're very good at taking premiums. We don't have health insurance and just pay when things come up. After 12 dogs, it hasn't been much. Just at the end of one of the pup's lives.

    IF you can put that money way every year, it'll probably be better.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. According to Dad we have the open the billfold Plan, or as we say the squat plan. Like you guys for what he found for us , it is cheaper to pay as you go. However he likes Gooses idea and is going to look at that

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  9. We've never had pet insurance and like Finn, we're curious to see what everyone has to say about it.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  10. Yes, it is so important to read all the fine print!

    I have Embrace Insurance for Chewy, and I picked it because it does cover "genetic" diseases (like hip dysplasia). I didn't get it for Oreo though, because he had so many preexisting conditions, I figured they would deny most claims anyway.

    I haven't had to use it much, but a friend of mine has embrace, and they covered a total hip replacement for her dog. I thought that was pretty impressive.

  11. We have never had health insurance for our animals. I don't know many people who have had positive experiences with it - as you mentioned doesn't cover many of the treatments we need.

  12. We don't have insurance on the doggies either. Mom just places money in a fund that is used for emergencies with us. It doesn't always cover everything but it is always a good start. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  13. Okay, Ma had AKC pet insurance for her Irish Terrier. Let's just say, they covered NOTHING! If your vet charged more than $15, they didn't pay ANYTHING. Now, I don't know what vet in the country charges only $15, butts none around here. Ma submitted claim after claim for all of her doggies vet visits, wanna know how much they paid through the dogs life (8yrs)? NOTHING.
    Here is what I suggest. Put the money you would have spent on the pet insurance in a separate savings account. Hopefully you can save enough so if an emergency comes up, you have a nest egg that you CAN count on.
    This is just Ma's experince with Pet insurance. I asked my vet about pet insurance, and they didn't have good experices with any of them either. So, maybe someone has a good one, I don't know, butts Ma won't put any more money into this scam. JUST her opinion...

  14. Mom has often thought about pet insurance, but with four of us the premiums would be pretty high. And then there is the whole preexisting conditions thing. Mom thinks sometimes it is best to have a special savings account just for pet expenses.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. Hi Reilly. Mommy wasn't feeling too chipper to read your post. Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

  16. After my Lilys surgery bills, she wishes she had pet insurance
    Benny & Lily

  17. What a shame that we don't have any reliable pet insurance company over here! My humans just have to save some money for me and Mika for those rainy days.


  18. I can't say enough good about our insurance company - Pet Plan. Now, mind you, it's not a health plan, it's just for illnesses and injuries but once your dog has been diagnosed, the injury is covered for the duration.

    I don't know how that would work for allergies. But I can tell you, we've been so impressed with their handling of Bella's shoulder injury, we really think everyone should check them out.

    Bella is 5 years old and the first payment they made at 80% coverage was a complete return on our 5 years of premiums. No hassles.

    Good luck in your search. I hope you find a plan that works for you if you decide to pursue such.


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