Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The World According To Denny

You know - most people's and the BIG DOG think I am just a "weird scared little dude" and YES - they are right BUT I also have another side to me - the mischievous side but don't tell anyone okay - I like to blame it all on that "somedoggy" that hangs around blogville and gets us all in trouble.

So what is it that "somedoggy" gets up to?  Well it appears he LOVES to wait until the peeps have gone to bed and then he goes and empties out the trash can all over the living room rug. Luckily it just is one Mom keeps near her chair for while she is crafting so it is mainly just bits of paper and stuff but SOMETIMES there is a tasty wrapper of some kind in it - or even tissues!!!  Those require VERY thorough shredding into like 87 gazillion tiny pieces that the Mom has to pick up.  Now Mom usually puts the trash can out of reach each night - but she is OLD and sometimes she forget - and "somedoggy" is ALWAYS waiting.

"Somedoggy" also LOVES to steals MY Dad's underwear and takes them outside! Now in all fairness it is Dads fault and he often misses when he throws them into the hamper and they end up on the floor - so what is "somedoggy" supposed to do - but pick them up - right. Mom has lost count of the number of times she has found them outside - usually wet and soggy from the morning dew on the grass. The funniest of all when she found a pair one cold frosty morning and they were frozen flat!!!!

Some doggy also likes it when Dad comes home and takes off his work shoes - somedoggy sticks his head inside them and snuffles and snorts and makes funny noises in them. He has been known to leave the odd bit of kibble in them too.

Somedoggy as also decided he is not fond of the vacuum cleaner and has to tell it off SEVERELY every time it makes an appearance.

And finally - somedoggy is quite an apt gardener and loves to prune Moms potted plants. He is very nimble and just takes the ends off all the branches! Yes - that somedoggy has a mischievous side!


  1. Awww, Denny, I love your mischievous side! Even though you are scared of some stuff, you still know how to have a good time. That makes me smile :)

    Chewy does all that stuff too, every morning he starts his day with some garbage pickin' :)

  2. I think somedoggy lives at my house but Keltic tells me it's the raccoons.

  3. Good job picking up after your dad, somedoggy!

  4. I do check the trash can sometimes but my mom always has her eagle eyes on me! She stalks and spies me all the time!

    I think you're cute and funny, Denny!


  5. LOL Somedoggy just made us smile. LOL re the laundry. We can imagine on a windy day dads underwear appearing all around the hood. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Looks like somedoggy knows (nose) how to have a good time. (Humans shoes smell wonderful at the end of the day! We agree.)

  7. OMD OMD VACULA is EVIL... an invention by SQUIRRELS fur SURE.

    Your Testimonial for SARGE is WONDERFUL. THANK YOU fur your Support of our TOP COP!!!

  8. Oh that was so funny...and now our mom is looking at us like we are angels....thanks for helping us out!
    stella rose

  9. Thats so funny I am laughing at the flat underwear.
    Somedoggy eats my Moms slippers, 3 pairs so far this year.

    xo Cinnamon

  10. Bawahwaawwwa nicking Dads underwear, I am the sock thief but I blame Alfie.BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. Are you sure Katie is not sneaking over there at night? Cause this sounds exactly like her!

  12. Denny, maybe you needs to stay up all night and protect the big guy and the peeps from that terrible "somedoggy".

    Under wear, Oh Barharhar

    The Mad Scots

  13. Denny, Bailey was like that as a pup, too. He used to be able to empty the trash barrel and turn the liner inside out without ripping it. Mom and Dad still pick up the smaller trash barrels in the open areas and shut the doors to the bathrooms and bedrooms when they leave. Tissues are still his undoing.

    Thankfully he's never taken much interest in the laundry.

  14. Wow! It sounds like "somedoggy" spends a lot of time making mischief at your house. BOL
    *high paws*

  15. BOL!!! Oh Denny, I knows exactly how you feel. That somedoggy is ALWAYS gettin' me in troubles!
    I LOVE the undies outside trick!! hehehe I gots to remember that one!

  16. I think "somedoggy" is doing your mom and dad a service...keeping their minds and memories agile, and if they forget...there are consequences. Good job, "somedoggy."

  17. We know all about somedoggy. It's socks he takes here. And prunes...and gets rocks all over the patio...and....the list goes on.

    We know you wouldn't do any of that stuff, Denny.

    You are so right, tissues need to be shredded.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  18. You are a real character, Denny! We like knowing this stuff about you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  19. Somedoggy always knows when the humans forget...always! :)

  20. Somedoggy has to keep them in line.

  21. Denny, Lightning is pretty sure that somedoggy's twin brother lives here:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. Humm...Denny I think you and Max could be great buddies!!! :)

  23. We blame the bad kitty next door for everything
    Benny & Lily

  24. WOW, you do have a bad side to you. better not tell anybody bout it!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  25. I'm with you, clothes left of the floor (including underwear) are fair game whether you're somedoggy or usdoggy!


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