Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Snippetts #4 - Our Week In Review

Snippet 1 - Our mention of the snakes on Monday at the lake beach had many of you shivering - now we have been there many times before and never seen a single one.....but this spring so far we have seen 5 - so we are thinking it is just all the wet weather and it being slow to warm up that is bringing them out. It isn't normal that we see so many. Luckily Mom isn't scared of them (when she was a pet care manager she handled them every day while cleaning out their tanks)  but - but she also doesn't like them much and knows it is best to just leave them alone and give them their space.

Some of you also asked where the water goes when they drain and lake and why they drain it. The water is drained back to the bigger lake that it came from originally and the reason they drain it each year is to limit the amount of fish, turtles and birds that could use it. The lake is closely monitored through the summer season for bacteria levels and such - last year it was actually closed for 5 weeks when one one pair of Canada geese took over it and raised 4 babies there - just that one pair sent the bacteria levels sky rocketing and it had to be treated with all kinds of chemicals to bring it back down to safe for humans level (the geese were moved to the bigger lake once the babies were big enough).

Snippet 2 - On Tuesday we were asked why the alpaca was shaved - they have their wool cut off every year otherwise they would overheat during summer. There use to be 2 alpacas in the field but last year the mate died. This little girl is actually full grown - not a baby - she is actually miniature alpacas - in fact all the animals on the farm are, they also have miniature sheep, goats and cattle - we will try to get pics of them this week.

Snippet 3 - I saw many of you noticed the Dweeb photo bombing my happy smile pics - revenge is sweet I say !

Snippet 4 - Bacon and Fozzie are hosting another "shopping around the world" this Wednesday the 28th - so get your shopping pad and head to the store to find out the prices where you live.  Here is your list :
  • Price of internet for one month.
  • A pint of Ben & Jerry’s.  If you don’t have Ben & Jerry’s -  post what you do have.
  • A six pack of Coca Cola.
  • Coffee.  Whatever brand you buy, just be sure to list the brand and size.
  • A regular sized Snickers candy bar.
  • Grooming.  :) Most of us anipals get groomed.  How much does it normally cost you to go to the spa?
Here the link to Bacon's Page 

Snippet 5 - Our dear buddy Goose is VERY sick - please use the POTP to wish him well and visit his Mom and leave a few comforting words.


  1. Oh Goodness, I did not know Goose was ill. I will have to stop over there! Snakes is a bad subject with us. Mom is terrified and says she will disown us if we touch one. Yikes! Have a super Sunday!

  2. I'm so sorry that my bro Goose is sick. I cross my paws and I pray and I hope.
    My post for Bacon's & Fozzie's shopping hop is ready, I hope a lot of peeps&pets will participate . Have a good sunday.

  3. I LOVE the photo-bomb photo! Good job!

  4. Hmm... We have a similar "photobomb me and I'll photobomb you back" issue going on here too. Photos of the miniature farm sound... well, hilarious, to be honest. But I need some cheering up since you let me know Goose is ill. I'll go leave well wishes now... :(

  5. I hope Goose is feelinger better soon. Sending POTP their way.

    Who knew geese could cause so much bacteria? I'm glad they allowed the geese and their babies to stay though. Thats the right thing to do.

    I wonder who pays for all the draining/filling/bacteria testing. Taxes?

  6. LOL the photobomb. We are thinking and praying for brother Goose.
    Have a serene Sunday and let us get some big easy on today,
    Best wishes Molly

  7. We have lots of alpacas around here because they protect the sheep or chickens from foxes and snakes.

    We even have a few alpaca farms.

    Interesting about that little lake. Wouldn't have thought that geese would have that much bacteria. Shows what we don't know.

    XXXOOO Bella & roxy

    Good for Reilly photobombing Denny!

  8. Your mom is very brave, Reilly and Denny. Our mom would never even think of handling a snake - no way!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. Sending out POTP for Goose and mom is writing the shopping list down! Good job guys! Love Dolly

  10. Crikey your lake info is VERY interesting. Such a lot of trouble to go to but well worth it for the pleasure everyone gets out of it, aye? Good for them leaving the geese and their babies alone!!
    So sorry to hear your friend isn't well. I don't know him but will go and visit and send my prayers.

  11. Thanks for clearing all of those queries up...we were asking the exact same questions *BOL*
    We love Bacon's shopping around the world blog hop, we've got mom working on our list already.
    Wally & Sammy


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