Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday snippets

Time to answer a few questions again in our Sunday Snippits.

Thank you for all the comments of Mom's Raynauds - There isn't really any specific treatment for it but there is medications that helps open up the blood vessels which can help ease to pain. Mom wanted to share this information as many people don't realize they have it and having a name for it lets people seek help for it. People can have very mild cases affecting just one or two fingers or severe cases like Mom which affects all her fingers and toes.

We were asked if the ducks and geese at MY lake fly south for the winter - for some reason ours don't. The vast majority of the ones we see a MY lake have been there for the last three years and they stay there all year long. There is one other elderly gentlemen that we see feeding the ducks everyday - he always give them corn but we thought we would look for proper feed pellets for them.

A few of you asked if the Cadbury chocolate you can find in the USA is the same as Cadbury from Australia or Europe - the answer a BIG NO! Cadbury here in the USA is made by Hersheys and tastes terrible (as does all Hersheys Chocolate in Mom's opinion). Mom says Hersheys chocolate tastes to her like Vegemite would taste to most of you. We guess it is what you grow up and what you are use too :)

Mom also wanted to share that she made her very first made from scratch pumpkin pie for thanksgiving. Now Mom tried some pumpkin pie many years ago when she first came to the USA and  HATED didn't like it all (again it is probably one of those things you have to grow up liking). But Dad loves pumpkin pie so Mom made him one and it must of been good cause he ate the whole thing in just two days! Mom made it with REAL fresh whipped cream (not that canned stuff) and added little candy corn pumpkins for decoration.

We also wanted to thank Frankie and Ernie - we received your Christmas card on Friday - oh boy - how exciting is this months trips to the mail box going to be! And remember you can make some neat things with all the cards you get. Mom turns ours into a photo book every year. Here is a little video Mom made with the instructions on how to make the book.


  1. What a pretty pumpkin pie! I think one of the best things about thanksgiving is everything is made from scratch(at least in my house)! It may take longer, but boy does it taste good.

  2. I made a photobook last year with my cards :o) The pumpkin pie looks delicious (but my mom is also not really a pumpkin fan). You're right you have to grow up with some things to love it. Like peanut butter, or Vegemite. And in my crib we have the "chocolate-war" every year: Hershey's vs. Cadbury's. Wish I could eat chocolates... then the war would be over within a minute hehehe
    Easy Rider


  3. We read all about that nasty Raynauds. It must be awful to get cold toes and fingers.
    We have a little question for your Mom. Are the trains and building of
    blogville still something you work on?. We enjoyed your stories and posts.

  4. This is our first Christmas card exchange in Blogville! We are super duper excited! We have already received some cards. Ho Ho Ho! You did a fantastic job on the pumpkin pie. It is one of my favorites.

  5. Gail agrees with you about Hershey's so-called "chocolate"...

  6. Wow....Mama is making notes about that Christmas Card book...what a wonderful idea!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. SHE loves pumpkin pie and has been looking up recipes. Hope Australian pumpkins are the right kind.

  8. We love your mom's Christmas card photo book, Reilly. It's such a brilliant idea!
    That pumpkin pie looks so yummy and it's so pretty!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  9. The twin girl grandbiped has Raynauds, as does her father. She gets budnled up quite warmly when she goes out in the snow. Mom says her fingers get so cold when she walks us - she would love to find a really good warm pair of gloves that would still allow her to "feel" our leashes.

    That pie looks delish - nothing beats made from scratch.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. I like the Christmas card book idea.

    Aroo to you,

  11. Ma hates pumpkin pie! Always has, always will! I guess that's why I hate pumpkin too! bol
    Ma likes the See's candies, butts she doesn't eat much candy anymores. She says it goes straight to her arse...yups! ☺
    Anyhu, loves the book idea! Right now all of last years cards are in an envelope..gots to change that!
    Ruby ♥

  12. Mom agrees with your mom re: the chocolate thing. She says that American chocolate is very sweet and dry, it doesn't have a creamy texture to it at all...having said that though, she is nonetheless a big fan of Snickers and MnMs.

    HIGH FIVE PAWS to your mom for that pawsome looking (and no doubt tasting) pumpkin pie!! We are totally impressed!

    BIG licks,
    Wally & Sammy

  13. That is seriously one beautiful pumpkin pie! My mom won't eat it either...even if it looked as pretty as yours. Thank you for the reminder about the Christmas card book! We are going to do that this year. We couldn't believe how many cards we got last year!

  14. That pumpkin pie looks beautiful! Nice work! Mom knows first hand that food tasted different in different countries. In Europe brands you expect to taste like home taste different because they are just made differently.

  15. I had a few bites of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving ...and it was a amazing!

  16. That pumpkin pie looks wonderful! Very festive! I can't believe your dad ate the whole thing. BOL Oh, and that is a TERRIERIFIC idea for Christmas cards. We are so going to try that this year.
    *high paws*

  17. Really interesting to hear about the differences depending on location. That is one beautiful pie, almost too pretty to eat (almost).

  18. That pumpkin pie sure look yummi.

  19. Crikey ....... I'd sure like to try that pumpkin pie. How good does it look??


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