Friday, April 5, 2013

Invisible leashes

We can not tell you what an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day it is today - 70 degrees, bright blue skies - no clouds, just the hint of a breeze PERFECT. It made Mom feel adventurous so off we went to some park  and you know what she did - come closer..........closer........closer....we have to whisper this.  See all the parks we go to have signs saying dogs must be on a leash - well there aren't any signs at this park saying that so Mom decided JUST THIS ONCE - we would use our INVISIBLE leashes!!!!  There was ABSOLUTELY no-one there so we figured just this once it would be okay.   Mom did keep practicing our stop-sit commands just to make sure we were well behaved if we did meet anything or anyone - which we didn't :)

Now just look at all the pretty white flowers - a whole field of them. We are not sure what they are but they were like little stars with pink centers. If this isn't a sign of spring we don't know what is?

Next we stopped to admire the lake and is was so beautiful with the sun glinting off it. Then we headed up into the trees - across what we like to call the the troll is the first time we have ever seen water flowing under it.

Over the second troll bridge and again - there was water under it. All the rain we have had lately has really filled up the lake. Mom says she loves all the moss growing in the damp - personally we think the smells on it are much nicer.

We also found these cool steps up the side of hill and thought "oh George the Lad would love these steps" and some more moss! Mom said I looked so happy just standing there - two seconds later I spotted a tree rat and I was off after it. Darn all those trees they can climb up - I would have had it otherwise (Mom - in reality he didn't even get within 20 feet of it :)

After that we found a little path and Mom said "lets follow it boys" - we had never been this way before and we walked and sniffed and walked and sniffed and walked and sniffed. Mom actually had NO IDEA where we were going but we didn't care AT ALL. Eventually - look where we came out though - this cool spot on another part of the lake! We didn't think there was any other places the public could see the lake but here it was. Do you see me looking down into the water - I was watching the biggest ugliest old catfish!!! I would of had it too - if it didn't mean getting my feet wet!

We rested for a bit and just enjoyed the sunshine before we started following the 'path' again. At least Mom hoped it was a path and that it was leading us somewhere. We figured we must be on the right track when we came across yet another bridge with a nice seat on it. Why they had put it there we don't know because there really wasn't anything to look at. It was perfect for another little rest - because you know - the Mom - not US - was getting pretty tired by then. Eventually the path came out about 30 feet from where we had started. Dog oh Dog were we glad to get back to the car. Mom gave a big bowl of clean water and she even remembered to bring some cookies. Mom and us - we all layed down in the soft grass just listening to the birds and soaking up the sun for about half an hour and then we headed home. What a day!!!!


  1. Wow what a day guys and you managed not to get your feet wet. Pawsome walk. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You guys go on the coolest walks!!
    stella rose and mags

  3. Sounds fantastic! How awesome to have the whole place to yourself. Where the heck was everybody on such a gorgeous day?

    I love moss too....

  4. What a pretty place this is Reilly! Glad you went exploring! Bet you guys are all napping now!

  5. WOW 70 Degrees is just about PERFECT fur SURE. THAT is a grrrreat day in the Park. It is so FUN to be Off Leash.

    WE went to OUR park today too. We took lots of pictures fur FINN and GIGMO's PARK DAY (April 26th.) Your pictures would be SUPER Fur doing that with us.

  6. Ohhhhh Doggie, wish we could be there, sure looks interesting, and all that water to get wet in!

    The Mad Scots

  7. Now walks with invisible leashes are absolutely the best!! Glad you all got to go on a great one!

  8. Wow I can't wait til it's nice enough here for walks like that. It's been windy and cold here this week and everything is pretty darn soggy and muddy.

  9. Now that sounds like the bestest day ever!! :-D Great job on walking soooo well on your invisible leashes too! ;-P Hehehe! What a beautiful park that you visit...I'd like to frolic in its woods too!

  10. Well it looks and sounds like a perfect day Reilly and Denny. Although my dad (he's a trouble maker) said that to make the day really perfect, maybe your mom could swing into the best takeout burger joint and get you guys a "couple of patties". Hmmm sounds better already. Don't worry about leashes, you guys are being supervised so all is good.

  11. It was a beautiful day here too and we did get out for nice long walks. But we didn't get to go anywhere as pretty as you did AND we would never get to wear our invisible leashes - Mom says she could never trust us.

    Hope you all have a super duper weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. OMD...I WANTS AN INVISIBLE LEASH TOO!!!!!! I not thinks my mum would go fur dat though.
    What a beautiful place ya'll gots to go to.
    It was a luverly warm day here too but all I done was chase squirrels.


  13. We treasure those glorious days. They're just perfect.

    We often ignore the leash signs if no one's around. Hopefully, the squirrels won't tell on you.

    Love the pictures.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Guess there'll soon be leaves on those trees and it'll look completely different.

  14. Invisiable leash???!! Oh, if only I could be so lucky (Ma: you mean 'well behaved?') Yeah, ignore her, she butts in every once in a while. So, anyhu, your park is just FABulous! I sometimes dream of your park...runnin' and rollin' on the grass....ahhhhh.

  15. I've never used the invisible leash (at least not since I was a baby and I ran away into the woods). It looks like a grand adventure.


  16. I think I like that 70 degree temperature as it sounds really good for a walk. I think the temperature here is always around 90 degree and I feel HOT all the time.


  17. Great walk, and thanks for the step photo :) we have invisible leads but that's because she photoshops them off lol
    Have a Good Week
    George xxx


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