Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The REAL Vacation Report - by Denny

Big Dog is off having his tooth taken care of so today I get to tell the REAL story about the dreadful, scary and terrifying vacation !!!!!

It all began early in the morning when Mom and Dad were busy putting things in the BIG car. I knew  something scary was happening so I stayed under the kitchen table out of the way (trembling) - but then the Mom TRICKED me - yes she did. She offered me a treat and then GRABBED me and put me in the BIG car.

Now  we hardly ever go in the BIG car so I knew straight away this was not going to be good. Mom had even put MY little snuggly bed and security blankie in there but I wasn't falling for that trick - okay I did eventually! We drove and drove for like 87 days and we kept stopping at these terrifying places called "Rest Stops". They were sooooo BAD I would plant all 4 feet and refuse to get out of the BIG car. Dad would have to pick me up and put me outside but I didn't like one little bit - NO I didn't - not one little bit!  There was so much noise with cars and trucks whizzing by and even though I didn't like the BIG car it soon became my safe place. I got so good at not leaving it that I would jump back in the car before Mom and Dad could blink. Big Dog didn't seem to care at all - he was to busy sniffing and off in his own little happy place.

Finally the BIG car stopped moving and Mom said "okay we are here" - but where was here?  This wasn't my house or my garden - it was a terrible haunted scary cabin thing. NO WAY was I going to go in that - I ran straight back and jumped back in MY big car. It took many many tries on Mom's part to finally get me in that cabin thing and then when I did get inside - no way was I going to go out again with all those weird animals and noises.

It took most of the afternoon but eventually I did come out to investigate and look around - so long as Mom left the door open so I could run inside if any monsters came chasing me. This is where I spent A LOT of my time though - safely hiding behind - I mean protecting Mom's legs. The minute she stopped or sat down - this is where I would be. Someone had to protect her -  right?

I can't say this vacation thingy was really ALL bad - just MOST of it! People did keep telling me what a pretty boy I was - when they could see me peeking from behind Mom's legs.

Overall -  I think the very best part of this vacation thingy was finally getting home - dog oh dog - I ran inside and kissed the floor (well I slipped actually and did a nose dive) but yes - I was SOOOOO HAPPY to be home in my house and in my garden and I don't ever want to go on vacation again MOM!

Note from Mom - it didn't help that I forgot to take Denny's "Chill Pills" his anxiety medication. He actually did better then I thought he would. He is without a doubt a  "weird scared little dude" but we love him anyway :)


  1. I don't know if it is possible where you are, but I have heard from many people that taking agility lessons really helps to build a timid dog's confidence...

  2. OMD Denny scary animals and a haunted cabin. Hey dude you did real well to stick it out. Maybe next time you'll like it more. Hope the toothy thing goes well. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh Denny what a horrible vacation for you.. I did laugh when you got home and slipped and nose dived, sorry Buddie but it sounded so funny..Hope the tooth goes well :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. There's no place like home, is there?

  5. Ohhhhh My Doggie Denny, I feel for you something terrible. I don't like leaving my house either, I will not even go for walkies out the front door or any gate even if left open. It's terrible to be so scared of stuff, and yes I do the same with my Peeps, guard duty!

    The Mad Scots, you scaredie Pal Susie

  6. We don't like all those big loud noises either. It must have been an exhausting day
    Benny & Lily

  7. When my dad brought Jetta (the boy sheltie and Tuvia's brother) home, he was scared of everything, noises, people, cars, pretty much everything so my dad would take him to shopping malls and walk him all around the outside of the mall. Then Jetta would be asked to sit and stay, for 10 minutes. Next time they went, it was 15 minutes, then 20 then half an hour. Gradually Jetta got used to things and came out from behind my dad's legs, allowing some people to actually touch him. Eight years later, he's pretty good.

  8. We loved the part about you kissing the ground when you got back!!!! (I don't think you fell, I think the aliens tripped you when nobody was looking.)

  9. Sorry Denny that you didn't like the vacation. Maybe if your Mum had brought your nerve pills things would have been better. Walkies in the park must have been fun though?


  10. Denny you need to take time to relax and smell the roses. Were there any roses???
    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    Sweet William The Scot

  11. Oh Denny, sounds very scary!! Bella sympathises because she's scared of lots of things especially in a new area.

    Good work protecting your mum from those creatures...like that peacock and stuff.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Awww Denny, you and Oreo are so similar. We don't even bother stopping at rest areas anymore - he freaks out. And the minute we return home, he's running laps around the house with joy. Still, I know he'd rather be on vacation with us than alone at home or a kennel.

    I'm glad you know how to find your "safe spots" Denny. Thats a wonderful way to cope.

  13. Maybe one day you can go back, Denny, and you'll remember being there and that it really wasn't so bad! We hope so!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  14. Oh Denny you are a fraidy dog! You don't even like to ride in the car? My issue is separation anxiety so I'll go anywhere if mom & dad are with me. I hope you enjoyed your vacation a little bit it looked like great fun! Love Dolly

  15. Lightning would have been right there with you, Denny, protecting Mom's legs:) But it is good to try something new and learn that maybe it really wasn't so bad. Maybe the next time you go, you will like it better.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Woof! Woof! Oh I can relate. I missed my real home for a year. Just little steps ... there will be next time and it will be alright

  17. Denny, I'm so happy you're home all safe where you feel best :) Good thing though that you were there to protect your Mom!!! I love how you told your story!! It took a while before Max was comfortable going to his 2nd house over at Uncle,Aunties and Grandpa's but eventually he discovered the fun in going there but he too was velcro pup in the beginning, now he is explorer pup but he is still very careful in new places where there are humans, to be sure to have me on a tight leash...for my safety of course! :). We think you were a pretty brave dude to go at all - big step there Denny! Hugs!


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