Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Visit to the vets

The mom and I spent three hours at the vets yesterday and I was poked, prodded, had blood taken, x-rays and so on. The day we came back from the mountains I had a bout of diarrhea which excuse the graphic detail but was very yellow and had a jelly like substance in it. I went a whole week with no more of this and then it came back and the mom had noticed that just about every other poop seems to be this off we went to the vets. Mom was worried I had picked up Giardia as I did sneak a drink out of the lake before them mom could stop me. The tests came back negative for that, although they are now doing another one based on a 3 day sample just to double check. X-rays showed no foreign matter or any other problems that could be seen that way. The only test that came back for anything unusual was that I have very high levels of clostridium. This is a normally occurring thing in 80% of dogs, but why it is so high, they haven't discovered yet. We are trying a course of antibiotics to see if that helps. In the mean time I feel great, the mom and I have been going out in the field behind our house a couple of times a day and we practice obedience and play Frisbee or fetch. I have also discovered that the pine tree two houses up from ours is full of birds and if I race over there and bark at it, all the birds come flying out and I can bark like crazy at that is so much fun!


  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well! Hope you are all better soon.

    In the mean time, play it up for all it is worth! If you act like a pathetic little puppy, the humans will fawn all over you and treat you like royalty! :D

    Gio and Romeo

  2. awww...Riley! Sorry you're not feeling well. Katie and I hope you are back to perfect soon!

  3. I actually feel just great, am full of energy, eating well, sleeping.....just have funny poop!!

  4. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, Reilly! We wonder what you've eaten while you were out and about in the mountains...
    Take care buddy,
    Josh and Jess

  5. Hey, Riley! Sorry to hear that you're not feeling good - hope the antibiotics help!

  6. G'day Riley

    I am sorry to hear you have been to the vets too ... I hope everything is okay




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