Friday, July 25, 2008


Mom went the Doctors this afternoon and afterwards her and dad went to a big store called Target. Well.... mom came across this hat and although mom doesn't like clothes on us furrbies, she gave in for this, she said it would keep the sun out of my eyes, but I think it was because it had kangaroo on it and it had the words 'let me outback' written on it. She says it makes me a honorary Aussie.....what ever that is. And of coarse, she had to take photo's!! She also said I was lucky she didn't get me the matching doggie t-shirt!!!! I would of been sooooo hot in a T-shirt but mom knows that so I guess the hat is okay. She also got me the biggest rawhide bone to chew on and a new tug toy that me and dad can play with. My mom just loves me so much.....and don't tell her because we don't want her getting all soppy, but I love her heaps too!


  1. Dad loves that hat and you look absolutely pawvalous. The nearest Target is about a three hour drive. Maybe Dad can get one of his sisters to look for the hats in Ohio. The Kangaroo was Dad's favorite animal growing up. Something about the name of a baby roo.

  2. It looks like the BROTHER of Key West Collies will be looking for the "Outback" hat here in Dayton, OH! :-) Will go to the movies tomorrow, and I'll pass a Target and one regular Wal-Mart...if I don't find the hat there, I can drive a few minutes north of home and there's another Target and a Super Wal-Mart! Living in a big city means LOTS OF STORES!


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